Make A Wish, But Will That Help The Story?


Make a Wish... Many characters make wishes in stories but is this the best way to progress a plot?

Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Let’s Never Become a Magical Girl


If you missed the first post on Magical Girls be sure to check it out and then let's get into part 2. If she's a magical girl, what powers does she have? Right so we're back to magical girls and I wanted to look at the characters and the magic powers that crop up in … Continue reading Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Let’s Never Become a Magical Girl

Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Or Going on a Nostalgia Trip


We know all the popular magical girl titles: Sailor Moon, Card Captor, Shugo Chara, and so on. We also know the parodies: Cute High Earth Defence and Is This A Zombie. We know the darker magical girl shows that are starting to emerge: Madoka Magica and every following magical girl show. So why are magical girls so popular when essentially every one of these stories is kind of identical at its core?

Top 5 Amazing Supporting Characters In Magical Girl Anime

Top 5 Amazing Supporting Characters In Magical Girl Anime

There are a lot of magical girl anime out there and some amazing protagonists that get shimmering transformations and attack sequences. However in this post I want to look at some of the supporting characters who may or may not also be magical girls but are certainly not granted main-character plot immunity. These are memorable characters who really help elevate the story and potentially the actual protagonist to heights they may not have reached had this character not been around. I did limit myself to one supporting character per show so while I could potentially just have found five awesome supporting characters from Sailor Moon, I have limited myself to just the one.

Amazing Anime Power Often Comes with A High Cost

Power Feature

Amazing anime power... but is it worth the cost? Characters often have extreme abilities but the toll they take on their minds and bodies or those around them can be pretty extreme as well.

The Strange Case of Madoka Magica


I kind of love magical girl anime being a Sailor Moon fan from a young age. When Madoka Magica came out I fell in love with the genre all over again for a slightly different reason and after many rewatches wanted to discuss my thoughts on this strange series that seems like it is a magical girl series but has some key differences.

Top 5 Anime I’d Love To Play If They Were An RPG

Tuesday's Top 5

It is fairly accepted these days that games inspire movies, TV shows, and anime and a lot of these aren't great. It also is fairly well accepted that popular shows and franchises might get a game spin-off but usually these are pretty much pandering to fans of the source and while some of these games … Continue reading Top 5 Anime I’d Love To Play If They Were An RPG

Up Close With Madoka


This week we look at the girl who had the potential to change the world with a wish, and really did.

Top 5 Magical Girl Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

Tuesday's Top 5 - This week counting down the top 5 anime featuring magical girls that I have enjoyed watching over the years. As always, I'd love to know your favourites so please leave me a comment sharing your favourite magical girl anime and why you love them.

My Pirate Crew


So Lyn Sheridan kicked off this tag and it seems like it could be great fun. You know, other than the fact that I get boat and every-other-mode-of-transport sick I think being a pirate could be great fun. Is there a job for pirates who walk? Anyway, huge thank-you for the tag and let's see … Continue reading My Pirate Crew