Afterlost Anime Series Review

What greater horror than realising an anime that initially promises potential will not fulfil any of it? Here is Afterlost, a champion at broken promises and fairly dull story-telling.


Afterlost Review Episode 12

Definitely no bread crumbs at the end of the bread crumb trail. Shoumetsu Toshi Episode 12 Okay, they never really had a clue what caused any of this or what was actually going on. It all came down to will power, friendship, and an individual choice with no context given as to why any of … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episode 12

Afterlost Review Episode 11

The Slow Descent Into A Climax Shoumetsu Toshi Episode 11 Right, so we’re finally entering Lost. That doesn’t mean we won’t waste half an episode right off the bat showing what all the minor characters are up to, even those we don’t remember. These guys are breaking into a server room so Geek can do … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episode 11

Afterlost Review Episode 10

Dragging Things Out Afterlost Episode 10 Here we go setting up for the final stretch of the story. And it really is a stretch as Afterlost drags out he characters having their final preparations before heading into the Lost. Given we started this anime with Yuki and Takuya heading to the Lost the fact that … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episode 10

Afterlost Review Episode 9

Prepare for the Flashback Afterlost Episode 9 Goodness, an episode that is entirely a flashback and yet one that finally tells us who and what is responsible for the Lost event occurring. Only nine episodes in? How nice of Afterlost to finally decide to tell us. The problem with the reveal here is that it … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episode 9

Afterlost Review Episode 8

Little Brother Goes Boom? Afterlost Episode 8 On the surface, episode 8 of Afterlost actually seems like a step forward. The characters are in a perpetual state of movement as all the main players finally push forward with a plan to reveal the machinations of the evil chemical company and the episode ends with a … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episode 8

Afterlost Review Episodes 6 + 7

Frustrating to say the least. Episode 6 In episode 6 Afterlost tries really hard to build a solid emotional climax with the older brother being one of the ghost things and being used by Souma before being ordered to kill his younger brother. Of course the power of love prevails, the artefact controlling him erased … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episodes 6 + 7

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The Spring Anime season is upon us and over and over again I've been seeing blog posts discussing how this season is a slow season or a poor season in terms of anime. I don't necessarily disagree but at the same time I'm actually having fun with the season even if a lot of what … Continue reading Is The New Season of One Punch Man Disappointing?

Afterlost Review Episode 5

Is It Padding Or Set-Up? Time Will Tell. Episode 5 No bread. Okay, no bread yet. Still just crumbs and pieces of ideas that might come together. Afterlost shifts its focus this week to the magician we saw briefly earlier and a criminal group that are stealing artefacts that may have his brother in them … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episode 5

Afterlost Review Episodes 3 + 4

The conspiracy grows. Episode 3 This was a bit strange, which is a weird way to start a review about an anime that wiped out a whole city and has ghost like people and helicopters chasing motorbikes. And yet, Afterlost continues to be a bit of a perplexing story mostly because I’m still not entirely … Continue reading Afterlost Review Episodes 3 + 4