Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions Series Review


Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions is a fun little series with a bit of excitement, romance, and a lot of heart as these characters navigate the path from child to adult. Be sure to read the full review.

How To Know That You Have Fallen Out Of Love With An Anime

Out of Love Feature

Watching a new anime is a bit thrilling because there's always the chance you are about to fall in love with a new world and a new cast of characters. However, what happens when that initial charm wears off and a couple of seasons in you are just not that into it anymore? How do you know when you have fallen out of love with an anime?

February OWLS Blog Tour – Bell Adores His Goddess

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Welcome to my OWLS post for February (full schedule of OWLS posts here). In February, we will be exploring love and romance. The word selected is “adore” because it has two main connotations: to be loved and respected or to feel worshipped. We will analyse characters that give us a feeling of admiration and explain … Continue reading February OWLS Blog Tour – Bell Adores His Goddess

What Does It Really Mean To Me To Love Anime?

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Now, there are probably as many answers to the question of what it means to love anime as there are people who claim to love it. Like most passions and hobbies, it is something that is deeply personal and becomes an integral part of the individual. So while we can share an appreciation of a love of anime, our reason for loving it and how we got there is likely one only we will ever understand.

Who Is Your Valentine?

DAKAICHI Episode 1 - Junta and Takato

I asked on Twitter for people to reply with their anime Valentine. Here are the responses.

All’s Fair In Love, War, And Welcoming Parties

Kaguya Sama: Love is War Post Title

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Episode 4 Review: The student council have some visiting French students but just because they are preparing for a party doesn't mean that they don't have time to play at their love game.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Couples from 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

This week's top 5 list counts down my favourite anime couples from 2018. They don't need to be canon, they don't need to actually end up together, they just need to be super-adorable and make my heart melt. I'd love to know which anime couples you fell in love with this season so be sure to leave me a comment below.

Three Big Lies We Tell Ourselves in the Face of Love


Friday's Feature: This week we look at characters who deny that they are in love and the big lies we tell ourselves about love. Bloom Into You holds up a mirror to the lies people tell themselves when confronted with a love they cannot understand or act on.

Friday’s Feature: The Cycle of Love and Hate For An Anime

kirito dual blades

I think most people can agree that one of the biggest appeals of anime is that it covers so many different genres. There is literally an anime for everyone (if they look long enough) and an anime on pretty much any topic you can think of - and probably a few topics you have to … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: The Cycle of Love and Hate For An Anime