Sword Oratoria Episode 3

Review: Spin-off by their very nature are always going to be compared to the original and cross overs between events in the original series and the spin-off are more or less inevitable. However, Sword Oratoria seems devoted to walking us through the events that Bell experienced, only without Bell actually being present but for the … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 3

Tuesday’s Top 5: Totally Narcissistic Characters

Tuesday's Top 5

Having covered red heads both male and female, I am now turning my attention to the narcissists of the anime world. I'm going to clarify, this is not just a list of narcissists though. It's pretty easy to make a character narcissistic. What is difficult is to make the audience actually like the self-loving individual. … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Totally Narcissistic Characters