Top 5 Survival Anime – Murder Games, Zombies and More

Top 5 Survival Anime

With Battle Game in 5 Seconds coming to a close and Platinum End about to kick off yet more characters facing off against one another it felt like an appropriate time to look at my favourite survival anime. While not all of these are death game, battle royale style anime, they all involve characters fighting for survival. I'd love to know your favourite survival anime so be sure to leave me a comment.

Top 5: Zen and Shirayuki Moments

Tuesday's Top 5

There are so many reasons to love Zen and Shirayuki as a couple. Here are my five favourite Zen and Shirayuki moments from Snow White with the Red Hair.

Top 5 Nice Guys/Girls in Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

Who are the top 5 nice guys or girls in anime?

Top 5: Supernatural Anime – They aren’t always creepy but these anime all do something a little beyond the ordinary.

Tuesday's Top 5

I love a good supernatural anime so cutting a list down to just 5 was quite the challenge. Here are my 5 favourite supernatural anime but I'd love to know your choices.

Top 5 Moments in Anime That Left Me Breathless

Top 5 Moments in Anime That Left Me Breathless

There are some moments in movies, TV shows, movies and books where the only appropriate reaction is to sit stunned. Either amazed by the beauty, audacity, or sheer amazingness of what you've just witnessed/read. These are my top 5 moments in anime that have left me breathless and stuck with me long after the anime has ended.

Top 5 Isekai Anime With A Female Lead – 2021 Has Seen More Titles But Are There Enough?

Top 5 Isekai Anime with Female Main Character

Anime featuring characters transported to fantasy lands are not new. In fact, isekai anime are pretty much over-saturating the market with a handful more making the scene each season. What is harder to find are isekai anime with a female lead though fortunately this is becoming a bit easier now that we're in 2021. Here are 5 isekai anime feature female main characters.

Top 5 Sailor Scouts – Sailor Moon Gives Us a Plethora of Interesting Female Characters, But Who Are The Best Scouts?

Tuesday's Top 5

Well, it had to happen eventually that I would do a Sailor Moon themed list and to be honest, top 5 sailor scouts is an easy start. I'm certain there will be other top 5 lists in the future that revisit our very favourite ditzy heroine. To keep it simple (and so that I could … Continue reading Top 5 Sailor Scouts – Sailor Moon Gives Us a Plethora of Interesting Female Characters, But Who Are The Best Scouts?

Top 5 Anime Movies That I’ve Watched

Top 5 Anime Movies

I'm amazed I hadn't already done a top 5 anime movie list. It is probably because I don't watch a huge number of anime movies. Still, I was kind of excited to put this list together and as always I'd love to see what my readers would have chosen so be sure to leave a comment.

Top 5: Anime by Studio J.C.Staff (updated)

Tuesday's Top 5

Studio J.C.Staff have a lot of big name anime out there. Choosing just 5 is quite the challenge.

Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons (not usually of mass-destruction)

Tuesday's Top 5

There's a lot of non-weapon items being weaponised in anime. Sometimes they are very effective and sometimes they are hilarious but they are worth noting. Here are five of my favourite non-weapon items that have been used as weapons.