Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Vampires

This week I'm listing my top 5 favourite anime vampires (which I can't actually believe I hadn't already done so here we go). This is a nice simple list and really it is just based on how much I like the character rather than any particular vampiric traits, though I will admit I prefer vampires … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Vampires


Autumn 2017 Week 10

Here we are in week 10 and it is now make or break for so many shows (though quite a few will continue on to the next season). Autumn has been great fun so far. By the way, voting for the best and worst of the season has opened and if you missed it, go … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 10

Tuesday’s Top 5: Isekai Stories

With my current light novel fixation and the majority of these being isekai stories I decided to look at some of my favourite isekai anime. Now this list started with just being set in another world and then clearly made a distinction of stories where someone starts in one world and crosses to another (which … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Isekai Stories

Autumn 2017 Week 9

And we are closing in on the end of the season with some shows having only a handful of episodes left. Regardless of how things go, Autumn has been my favourite season overall. Even the lesser shows this season have been pretty entertaining if for no other reason than to tear them apart, but there's … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 9

Tuesday’s Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons

Alright, this list could literally go on forever because anime has used a lot of items that we usually don't consider weapons in fights. Cards, coins, crosses, hair pins... You name it and some anime character somewhere has attempted to weaponise it (probably successfully). I narrowed this list down to characters and items that were … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Non-Weapon Items Used as Weapons

In Case You Missed It

Welcome to another fun week for ani-blogging. I can't believe how far along this season we already are and how close we are to the end of the year. I've been caught up in stuff and the fact that time is passing kind of passed me by. However, here we are. As usual, I've found … Continue reading In Case You Missed It

Autumn 2017 Week 8

So much fun and contrast in this season as I jump between the sweet romantic, to more comedy based romance, to pure fantasy, to post apocalytpic slice of life and then just horror, shock and gore. Really enjoying following a long with everyone as we navigate this season of anime. That said, below is my … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 8

Tuesday’s Top 5: Uses of Dream Sequences in Anime

Previously I looked at the best uses of phones in anime and this week I've decided to turn my attention to dream sequences. My criteria wasn't that these were the best dreams but the best use of a dream sequence to serve either the character development or the plot. This is strictly my opinion so … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Uses of Dream Sequences in Anime

Autumn 2017 Week 7

And the strong season continues as we go into the second half of some shows (second quarter for others). I think my buzz words this season have been around 'feels', 'pretty', 'shiny', and 'wow' but that probably isn't a bad thing. It kind of means I'm having a great time watching even if I'm not … Continue reading Autumn 2017 Week 7

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime That Make Me Cry

I'm sure all anime fans have a favourite series out there that they enjoy just because it hits them hard every time they watch it. That show, and that moment, that has you breaking down into tears. It isn't a feeling I seek out all that often but every now and then it is exactly … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime That Make Me Cry