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I finally decided the girls in DanMachi really did deserve there own post.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you probably already know that I have a silly fondness for Bell from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. Whether it is from the first season of the anime or the light novels, I find his nice guy, hard working, character who knows when to really step things up in a fight quite delightful. But even with Bell being an adorable central character even I have to admit it is the girls in DanMachi that really do steal the show.

It is kind of impossible for me to just pick them from their appearance in the anime so some of these became more fleshed out in the light novels than the series. Still, I will avoid directly mentioning spoilers of any events beyond the first anime series.

Also, special shout-out to Welf. He’s an awesome character and kind of deserves to go on the list but I did decide to look at the girls of DanMachi today. Maybe I’ll do a list of my favourite male characters in the series at some point and I can assure you, Welf will be number one (provided I rule Bell out).


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Number 5: Eina

Eina Tulle - DanMachi

I feel a little bad making Eina number 5 on the list. She’s an awesome character that we meet early on. She works for the guild and supports Bell and is largely responsible for him not winding up dead fairly early in his dungeon crawling career. She cautions him, warns him of potential dangers, makes him memorise the layout and types of monsters he’ll be facing and helps him choose the correct equipment for the level he’s heading to.

While she clearly does have a crush on the Little Rookie, she remains professional and Bell views her more as a big sister character. Still, she’s essential to the story and her interactions with Bell are always interesting and that makes her one of the best girls in DanMachi.

Number 4: Freya

Freya - one of the girls in DanMachi
She also has an interesting grip on fashion.

Honestly, Freya should be higher on the list but her appearance in the anime so far has been really limited. Still, even before reading on, Freya was a character who intrigued me. Her few appearances were short but they had a big impact and it isn’t completely off-base to say that she’s really helping to shape Bell into the hero that he’s starting to become.

While she chooses to mostly manipulate from behind the scenes her actions were getting more bold in the series and she’s certainly continued to have a presence in the books. I would definitely love to see more of Freya.

Number 3: Ryu


Ryu is such a great character. She works with Syr at the bar that Bell regularly goes to and for the most part is just a fairly cold waitress. However her knowledge of the dungeon reveals a far more colourful past as does her level of observation and quick reflexes. By the time we see Ryu enter the dungeon it is a foregone conclusion that she’s going to be strong and she does not disappoint.

Number 2: Hestia


How could I do a list of awesome female characters from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon without mentioning Hestia. The bright and exuberant goddess who works incredibly hard to support her small but important familia. Bell and Hestia are a fantastic duo and while they might both be looked down upon in the beginning, they aren’t going to back down as they fight for what they want to achieve.

Number 1: Lily


Lily is just a great character and a much needed one. While Hestia is at times observant, she’s also pretty flighty and being a god doesn’t give things the same weight a human might. Bell himself is pretty naive and overly trusting, so having someone like Lily by his side is essential.

That said, Bell met Lily when she was the one trying to take him for a ride and it was only through his stubborn kindness that she ultimately decided to actually team up with him. I loved Lily’s character arc and her role within the familia is absolutely imperative to their ongoing survival and financial security. She’s a lot of fun and exactly the kind of character Bell needed to have his back when entering the dungeon.

Well, that’s my list today but I’d love to know your favourite female characters in DanMachi. I know I didn’t include Ais. As much as she is vital to Bell’s growth and as a goal for him to achieve, I really find her a fairly dull character, but feel free to tell me why she’s amazing if you like her.

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Up Close with Liliruca Arde


Yes, we are back to DanMachi (Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon) with another of Bell’s companions. This time our focus is on Lily, his supporter in every sense of the word. Previously I’ve looked at Hestia and sooner or later I’m going to have to turn my full attention to Welf who is a seriously overlooked character in the franchise, but given the second season is about to look very closely at little Lily and one of Welf’s truly amazing moments may not come out this season depending on how far along they get, I kind of felt it was appropriate to check Lily out first.

Lily’s first appearance in DanMachi sent up red flags for literally everyone that wasn’t Bell. She approached a solo adventurer and offered her services as a supporter in the dungeon seemingly out of the blue and Hestia, Lyu and Eina all had concerns about Lily’s sudden appearance and motives, yet all kept it to themselves rather than raising it specifically with Bell.


Because Bell, right from the first moment, trusted Lily implicitly. He happily handed over half his earnings to her, praised her for her work, and thanked her genuinely when her actions protected him against the dangers of the dungeon. Alright, Bell’s a bit of an airhead sometimes, but maybe he just knew Lily’s true character (or maybe he really is just an idiot but an incredibly lucky one).


And ultimately, it is Bell’s kindness, his refusal to doubt Lily even when she so clearly betrayed him and left him for dead, and his selfless actions in racing to her aid despite having been left for dead, that ensure Lily’s absolute loyalty from that point forward. After that experience in the dungeon you genuinely cannot believe that Lily would ever do anything to harm Bell ever again.

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Sparks fly regularly between Lily and Hestia though as Hestia is fiercely protective of her child. Still, even Hestia has to admit that Lily will stand by Bell and that Bell really needs someone like Lily near him.


Unlike Bell, Lily does not see the world as all sunshine and roses. She’s a cynic and has a deep distrust of adventurer’s and their motives by default. Where Bell is inclined to take everyone at their word, Lily is always looking for the other angle and as a result can steer Bell away from too many hassles or at the least can watch his back as he steps into trouble.


The chemistry between Lily and Welf is fantastic and as the supporting characters to Bell they make for a charming trio as they go about their adventure’s in the dungeon.

However, despite the fact that it seems as though Lily is with Hestia and Bell entirely, she is still not a member of Hestia’s familia. Her original family still has a hold on her and that is about to play out in the second season of the anime. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of Lily this season and watching her grow as a character.

All and all, Lily is an amazing character and an essential ingredient in making Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon work.

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18if Episode 13: We Came, We Saw, We Drank Tea and Ate Cake


Review – With Spoilers:

While I’ve enjoyed 18if all the way along, what this show really needed to lift it to something I would actually enjoy rewatching was a strong conclusion that really brought all those weird elements together. While they certainly brought back all the characters this episode, what we didn’t get was anything particularly satisfying about this conclusion.


The revelation that Lily is Eve even though Lily wants Haruto to kill Eve (kill turning out later in the episode to mean sully her purity, as in kiss her, which doesn’t happen either mind you so seems like an incredibly pointless part of the narrative) was pretty obvious when you sat and thought about it and again, does it matter? They don’t do anything with this idea of Lily representing Eve before and Eve being who she was after so is it necessary at all?


On the other hand, Eve has the incredibly clichéd motivation of being annoyed at god and clearly that means you should hate men and destroy the world. I really find this kind of motive for a bad guy dull. And even the writers must have realised how petty Eve was being given they appeased her by throwing a tea party. Not even joking. The witches all come back and eat cake and drink tea and that more or less stops Eve from destroying the world.


And then we finally get to Haruto, the one character the audience have had a chance to actually connect with. We know he’s in hospital in a coma and then… Then he decides to go with Eve through some door to someplace humans can’t go but says he’ll come back. Cut to scene in hospital where essentially he flat lines. No more from Haruto.  I’m not entirely convinced that this is in anyway a satisfying way to wrap up this show. Basically, I’m still glad I watched it because it has been visually interesting each week and some of the dreams have been quite fun, but the overall narrative has falled pretty flat in the end.

I’ll do a full review soon.

Thanks for reading.

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Hand Shakers Episode 6



You know, there has been a lot of criticism of this anime but other than being ugly, having extremely long moments of exposition that explain nothing, a goal that makes no sense, and two characters that are about as interesting as watching paint dry, there hasn’t been anything too broken about this show. And yet, episode 6… Where do you even start?

I’m not even going to comment on the not one, or two, but three mesh comments this week. I promise. It isn’t even worth it amongst all the other things wrong with this episode.

Instead, let me focus on the battle itself and why this is a definite issue for a show that is built around pairs battling.

Firstly, there is no point. You might get a wish? This is even worse than WIXOSS where you get a wish, it just isn’t carried out the way you want it to be.

Secondly, our main characters can’t lose. Unlike other shows where you can get one or two losses and then come back, one loss puts you out of this game and in Koyori’s case might kill her (if we can believe anything we’ve been told) and so our protagonists are absolutely guaranteed at least a draw if not victory.

Which brings us to thirdly, how is Tazuna not very crispy-fried after being hit by repeated on point, very strong (to the point of overkill) attacks? He should not have been able to launch his final attack because he should have been killed in the first round of flames, at the very least from the giant flaming hand that crushed half a building, or any of the other attacks launched at him that he failed to avoid, including the last one that just of delayed him before he sailed through the smoke and won the day.

Oh, and a fourthly, just for a bonus, why do they only need to take out one part of the pair and how do you know which one? Explanations, please?

I’m not dropping this. I am watching it through to the end if for no other reason than to write a feature about appalling story telling. But wow. That was bad.

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