Given Series Review (anime)

Given Series Review

I had the joy of reviewing this one each week with Irina and I know that it was a definite highlight of the Summer anime season. Given is a low key boys love anime with two adorable dorks at its centre. Be sure to read the full Given series review.

Given Episode 11 – Outro


It's the final episode and I know both Irina and I are sad to see Given come to an end. That said, we're back with this final review as we see where the band ends up at how things play out for Mafuyu and Uenoyama.

Given Episode 10 – A Lighter Note

Given ep10 1023

Right, so Irina is reviewing Given this week with some minor supporting comments from me as I'm still trying to get over this stupid fever that has had me feeling just awful for the week. That said, Given was worth getting out of bed to watch and write about so that's something.

Given Episode 9 – Resolution


Given was amazing this week. An absolute emotional roller coaster. Come and see what Irina and I have to say as we work our way through the events of this episode.

Kanata no Astra Review Episode 10


Unmasking the Villain Astra Lost in Space Episode 10 Okay, we’re up to the answer to the question we’ve had since the beginning when an idea of the traitor in the midst was first floated in Astra Lost in Space so if you are wanting to watch this without spoilers I’d strongly suggest not reading … Continue reading Kanata no Astra Review Episode 10

Given Episode 8 – Chorus


It is drama, drama, drama this week in the best possible way. We learn about Yuki and see the band gearing up for the show but things are definitely not going well with Mafuyu either still having no lyrics or not able to sing them at the rehearsal. It was a great episode and Irina and I are ready to gush.

Given Episode 7 – Diminuendo


Both Irina and I continue to find reasons to be thrilled that we are watching Given this season. Not that it is hard to find reasons when you've got great writing and great characterisation.