Given Episode 6 – Tritone

Given has made Irina gush praise for it this week, and I'm not all that far behind. A very solid episode dealing with some emotional beats for the two main characters. Definitely worth watching and Irina is sure to let you know why.

Kanata no Astra Review Episode 7

Astra, Lost in Space has been a brilliant watch so far and episode 7 continues the journey with great tension, some awesome character moments, and an interesting planet that might really just kill these kids. If you aren't watching this show you definitely need to see if you have access because it is a highly entertaining ride.

Given Episode 5 – Drum & Bass

The focus has shifted in Given this week from Mafuyu and Ueno to Aki and Haruki. This is not to the anime's detriment however as these two other band members show us they can carry an episode just fine. Irina and I discuss the latest developments in Given.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 6

Right, we aren't at the end of the season yet which means this could all go pear shaped and fall apart (looking at KADO that had 5 great episodes and then collapsed under its own weight and started digging a hole). Still, Astra Lost in Space shows it has some impressive narrative sense this week and we get some real dramatic tension, nice character reveals, and very pretty visuals.

Given Episode 4 – Rumour Has It

In Given episode 4 Karandi will tell you what happens if she remembers to update this text! Otherwise, this will be funny. No one tell her, we can see how long we can keep it our little secret! - Um, Irina, you know I do read the posts going out on my blog right? Incidentally, we'll be discussing Irina's need to have musically themed titles and gush over various enjoyable moments in an anime that is proving to be a very nicely crafted story even if it doesn't perhaps have the budget to really blow the audience away.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 5

Suspicions and Paradise Astra Lost in Space Episode 5 There are bombshells aplenty about to rain down upon the viewers in episode 5 of Astra Lost in Space. A fair warning now that there will be spoilers below. The kids leave the mushroom planet having finally found a food source in the killer mushroom tree … Continue reading Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 5

Given Episode 3 – Playing Hard to Get

In Given episode 3 Mayufu is playing hard to get and it is driving Ueno crazy as he tries to figure out how to convince him to join the band. Irina and I discuss our thoughts on the episode and the story so far.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 4

Exploring a new planet can be dangerous as our group of would be space campers are about to find out. Astra Lost in Space finds a new way to try to kill off its cast.

Given Episode 2 – A Slow Crescendo


Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 3

A Falling Ship Raises The Stakes Astra Lost in Space Episode 3 Three episodes in and Astra Lost in Space has cemented itself as the new anime of the season that has fully grabbed my attention. The set up this episode is pretty simple but executed incredibly effectively. As the kids start putting together the … Continue reading Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 3