Laid-Back Camp Episode 1: Cute Girls Do Camping



Girl goes camping and finds another girl sleeping outdoors. End up sharing camp site before older sister collects outdoor sleeping girl. Then outdoor sleeping girl transfer to other girl’s school.


This is another perfectly fine set up episode if you happen to like what it is setting up. If cute school girls who go camping together sounds like it will be great fun then this introduction to characters who are clearly going to join the club later works just fine.


This first episode did have the added advantage of some beautiful scenery with Mount Fuji featured prominently. Unfortunately, that was about it for things that caught my attention given I wasn’t particularly interested in their lesson on how to make a fire (given sneezing starts fires where I live it isn’t exactly something I struggle with).


That said, if you are into the cute girls do whatever kind of shows, this one seems like a fair enough candidate for the season. For me it isn’t a definite drop but it isn’t high on my priority list and probably won’t end up on my final watch list.

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Karandi James.