Blue Exorcist Episode 27



For a show that likes its action the first two episodes of this season have been pretty slow. Episode 27 sees us meeting family members of Rin’s classmates who live in Kyoto and various other characters in Kyoto who I’m sure will actually become important at some point (or cannon fodder so either way). We do get some more back story on Bon but mostly learn that he’s just angry at his father. Rin on the other hand is still dealing with the fact that most of his classmates are avoiding him which does lead to a fairly entertaining scene that was probably fuelled by the underage consumption of alcohol (accidental, of course). That said, Kuro gets the award for most valuable player in this episode because he’s just plain adorable. So, a little bit slow but we’re still setting up all the pieces and the final few minutes of the episode kind of indicate that the plot is getting ready to move.

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