Momokuri Series Review

Overview: Kurihara is obsessed with taking photos of Momotsuki (a boy who is a year younger) and once she has taken 100 photos she asks him out. They begin dating but both of these characters have a few issues. I did review this week to week so if you are interested in individual episode thoughts … Continue reading Momokuri Series Review

Momokuri Episodes 23 + 24

Review: This episode was definitely less impressive than the previous ones but continued to be cute and sweet. My real issue was it was (as the title suggested) a simple reverse of a situation we had already seen. Instead of Kurihara taking care of a sick Momotsuki, we see Momotsuki visit Kurihara when she is … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 23 + 24

Momokuri Episodes 21 + 22

Review: It's nice that both Kurihara and Momotsuki have just kind of accepted that they are both weird and they like each other. I also like that Momotsuki is starting to teach Kurihara a little and their interactions feel a bit more natural (at least in the first half of the episodes). Another pleasant feature … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 21 + 22

Momokuri Episodes 19 + 20

Review: Momokuri delivered a solid episode this week, which surprised me because when I saw it was a festival episode I expected everything to just kind of generically run along. Instead we got an episode that made significant advances in Momotsuki's and Kurihara's relationship, including Kurihara finally telling Momotsuki most of the truth about her … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 19 + 20

Momokuri Episodes 17 + 18

Review: Dating clichés continue with a visit to the amusement park. That said, this was a particularly cute episode. I love how the characters are all becoming slightly more aware of each other and themselves so it doesn't feel like we are just treading over the same ground all the time. They may be slow … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 17 + 18

Momokuri Episodes 15 + 16

Review: Is it bad that this week I spent a lot of time counting just how many scenes were actually static images that we were panning over? Or that most of the dialogue is delivered by characters off screen and we are shown a static reaction shot? Right from the start, Momokuri hasn't exactly gone … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 15 + 16

Momokuri Episodes 13 + 14

Review: So Momotsuki is sick and his friends decide the best person to look after him is Kurihara which leads to the expected and standard girl looking after boy in room with embarrassed blushes sequences. What I did like was how they used this episode to show Kurihara is growing as a person. Momotsuki's sleeping … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 13 + 14

Momokuri Episodes 11 + 12

Review: Each week this show delivers a pleasant little story but it isn't doing anything particularly noteworthy. This week Momotsuki and Kurihara go to a festival, get separated, and then find each (with some help from Rio). There's a few other things happening but mostly that's it. Momotsuki continues to be plagued by various self-doubts … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 11 + 12

Momokuri Episodes 9 + 10

Review: Same old. Kurihara goes shopping and agonized over her choice of swimsuit as well as whether she's offended Rio. They go on the BBQ and cute things are said and various characters blush. One positive of this episode is that some of the support cast get a bit of time to show us they … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 9 + 10

Momokuri Episodes 7 + 8

Review: This is definitely a single episode and not two parts, however I'm going to let that go from now on and just accept the weird episode numbering going on here. I don't like Sakaki as a character and I think her reason for liking Momotsuki is even more lam than Kurihara's which makes it … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 7 + 8