This Art Club Has A Problem Episode 3 – Lessons to Takeaway

This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3

Week 3 of Yomu’s collaboration and this week I’m looking at the lessons to takeaway from the episode. Turns out This Art Club Has a Problem is surprisingly deep. Remember you can check out the other posts in the collaboration or get involved by visiting Yomu’s blog.

So let’s begin.

Lesson One – Don’t Make Assumptions


Uchimaki has a problem this week when Colette (who we finally met) tells him she lost her locket with a super precious picture inside. Uchimaki immediately assumes the locket must contain a picture of her parents who apparently went back home and left her in Japan and he visualises an entire tearful farewell scene. This makes him feel kind of stupid when he realises the only thing in that locket is… well watch the episode and find out.

Lesson Two – Some People Just Can’t Be Helped


Still looking for Colette’s locket, Uchimaki does the sensible thing and actually asks her where she’s been. At first she answers but then she suddenly gets super paranoid about what he might do with that knowledge. Honestly, at that point he should have just walked away but I guess we also learn that Uchimaki is either really, really, really nice or he’s a sucker for blondes.

Lesson Three – Some Times You Have To Cut Your Losses


It becomes apparent that Colette has actually not lost her locket, and at the inconvenient moment of right after she all but accused her two club mates of potentially stealing it, and she’s forced into a situation where she has a choice. She could: A – admit that she made a mistake and apologise. B – Pretend she’s a magician summoning her locket. Clearly she chooses option B. The problem is that the lie is apparent and there’s just no saving the situation so she’s just making things worse for herself. You know what they say, know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to walk away.

Lesson Four – Sometimes The Other Person’s Happiness Is Enough


Usami is put in an odd position this week where Uchimaki seems to have lost his inspiration mostly because he can’t think of a hair-style for his latest waifu. After first suggesting a bob (can’t imagine why) she ends up giving him a magazine of reference images of women’s hairstyles (though she isn’t altruistic enough not to post-it note the bob). Still, she was genuinely happy for his happiness as he leafed through the magazine and began to get enthused again.

Lesson Five – If You Are Cornered and Running Isn’t An Option, Sometimes You Just Have To Grin and Bear It


Look at those pained smiles. Usami’s friends visit the art room and then, mostly to mess with her, decide to have a drawing contest of the two. They position her closer and closer to Uchimaki before finally presenting their work. Personally, I think Usami should have chosen to run away when her friends first said they were going to visit the art club but having left it too late, she was trapped with no way out. Nothing for it but to smile.

Finally – If Your Friend Is A Reporter Your Life Is Fair Game (Watch Out)


Yep, they made front page. I think the lesson here is self explanatory though.

And that is it. Six lessons from This Art Club Has a Problem Episode 3. Looking forward to next week’s themes.

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This Art Club Has A Problem Episode 1 – The Spirit of the Artist


Yomu has kicked off the collaboration and each week bloggers will review another episode of This Art Club Has a Problem focusing on a particular theme. Want to get involved: check out the week one’s post.

So episode one of a comedy about a high school art club… When this originally came out I gave it wide berth because it just wasn’t anything I was even vaguely interested in. Two years later, realising the number of anime I’ve watched outside my preferred genres that have ended up being pretty awesome, I’m willing to give it a go and this collaboration seems like a good excuse. That said, wow this first episode was hard to get through.

Still, I’m focusing on the theme of the Spirit of the Artist so let’s examine the characters and episode from that point of view.

And I have to say, this art club does have a problem. The President doesn’t seem remotely interested in art in general, Usami seems to have an incredibly narrowed perspective of what art is, and Uchimaki isn’t so much into art as he is into waifu’s and while it is great he’s expressing himself he doesn’t exactly seem to be trying to push himself as an artist. Then again, of the three characters we spent any time with this episode, Uchimaki is probably the closest one to embracing any kind of artistic spirit.

This Art Club Has a Problem - Usami and Uchimaki: What's the fun in drawing apples?

Usami definitely respects art. She clearly has good knowledge of the classics and their techniques and a desire for self-improvement. What she seems to lack is passion, flexibility, or an ability to innovate beyond that. All of that would be fine except that she also wants to impose her definition of artistic spirit on those around her in one scene actually putting her fist through someone else’s creation. That’s a definite ‘no go’ as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of what the art work was and whether it met your standards or not, destroying someone else’s efforts is just not on. While it was technically accidental and she did kind of apologise, at no point was this act given the weight it deserved by the characters.

Additionally, her complaint that Uchimaki didn’t draw the model the way they really looked kind of made me roll my eyes. Sure, you can use models to draw as they are, but you can also use models to get basic shapes, ideas, or inspiration for a different kind of work. For someone as well versed in art as Usami seems to be she is surprisingly ignorant at other times.

This Art Club Has a Problem - Uchimaki: I want to draw the ultimate 2D waifu.

For Uchimaki’s side, he at least is very true to what he wants and pursues it. In an almost single minded fashion that has no regard for anyone else’s thoughts or feelings. This is the closes to actual artistic pursuit we see in this first episode however it is difficult to know how serious he is about his pursuit or how much effort he is actually putting in due to his nonchalant attitude.

It would be great to see Usami bend a little on what she defines as art. It would be awesome to see Uchimaki not just pursue his goal of the perfect waifu but also work at improving his technique. It would be great just to see the president actually do something vaguely art related.

This Art Club Has a Problem - Uchimaki: I'm just not interested.

All and all, this first episode has demonstrated there is indeed a problem with the art club, though at least by focusing on a theme I could talk about the episode without just rolling my eyes at some of the silliness in the episode. I had something to focus on and think about and that actually made the episode considerably more enjoyable than it might otherwise have been.

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