Top 5 Survival Anime – Murder Games, Zombies and More

Top 5 Survival Anime

There’s been a seeming resurgence of the survival anime throughout 2021 as we had High Rise Invasion, the recently completed Battle Game in 5 Seconds, and the Fall Season is bringing us Platinum End. There’s been plenty of others as well and for live action you can always jump on the Squid Game bandwagon.

As such, it seemed kind of appropriate timing for me to look at my favourite survival anime and count down my top 5. I will admit, I didn’t stick to just death match games but looked at anime where there was a focus on the character surviving a situation. That said I did consider and leave a few prominent titles off of my list.

What are your top 5 survival anime? Leave a comment below.

For instance Btoom and Deadman Wonderland both didn’t make my top 5 in the end largely because without any kind of resolution in the anime (or even really feeling like we’d gotten to something resembling a reasonable stopping point) they have limited rewatch value unless you really do just like watching anime characters die in painful ways. However, both are actually probably better quality and potentially better stories than some of the titles I did include on my list and fans of the survival genre should probably check them out anyway.

No. 5 Bokurano

Bokurano is a survival anime though your chances of surviving are pretty random.

Bokurano is an anime I have talked about before and it definitely falls into the category of survival anime given the kids who are tricked into piloting the robot know they will die if they are the selected pilot.

However it isn’t just the kids who find themselves needing to find a way to survive as Bokurano puts entire realities on the line and the lives of everyone and everything is at stake in what is seemingly a fairly pointless excuse for a giant robot battle and the worst game of musical chairs ever.

Here murdering your companions won’t do you much good so at the very least we are spared a massacre of 12 year olds (actually I can’t remember how old the kids are but either way that would be tragic).

No. 4 King’s Game

King's Game - Survival Anime

Well, those who have followed my blog for any length of time had to know I was going to include King’s Game on a list of survival anime. It is so bad it is almost hilarious as a group of teens get roped into a game where they receive instructions on their phone that they must complete or suffer horrible punishment (usually horrific death).

I can’t even remember if the worst moment was when they tried to suggest a real world virus somehow became a computer virus infecting mobile phones or whether it was the character who was on fire calmly delivering exposition to the characters who were going to survive after her. There were a number of other equally ridiculous moments along the way.

What I do appreciate about King’s Game is that despite the standard horror trope of knowing that the game will start up again (because there always has to be an opening for a sequel), King’s Game as a series does conclude well enough. This group of characters are mostly dead and there’s been a final confrontation between the two main rivals in the plot. It ends up being pretty satisfying if you can handle how decided b grade (okay maybe c or d grade) the overall anime is.

No. 3 Eden of The East

Eden of the East - Survival Anime

The last thing you expect when you meet a naked man holding a gun while on vacation is that said naked man is actually an amnesiac who is part of the weirdest game ever. Eden of the East has our main character carrying a phone which allows him to access a lot of money and seemingly unlimited ability to spend it to make things happen. Only thing is he is tasked with saving Japan and failure does mean death.

Not to mention there’s a whole bunch of other phone wielding characters, some of which seem very unbalanced, and ultimately surviving is going to depend on out-thinking them in how you creatively use that money and power at your disposal.

Again, this one isn’t just a blood bath or battle royale, but more a situation where really only one character can save Japan. There’s always the question of who is pulling the strings to make his requests happen and how do you place value on something like making a politician say uncle while in parliament?

Anyway, Eden of the East is an intriguing watch and what could have turned into a simple fight for the phones actually ends up being a much more complex and interesting story.

No. 2 Future Diary

Future Diary - Survival Anime

I just realised that 3 of my top 5 survival anime revolve around the use of phones. Anyway, Future Diary or Mirai Nikki is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a survival anime. Here are twelve characters given special powers through their phone diaries (are phone diaries even a real thing?) and now they are going to kill each other in order to become God.

I still wonder about this system because being ruled over by someone ruthless enough to slaughter 11 others on their way to victory doesn’t sound like a positive outcome.

That said, Future Diary is unapologetically violent and boasts some of the most ridiculously over-the-top moments in anime ever. Expect bomb blasts in a school, blood splatter of all descriptions, and one yandere character who still kind of tops the list in Yuno Gasai.

Do not expect anything resembling nuance or subtlety and don’t expect the characters to really get much in the way of growth or development. While they are interesting, the vast majority of the cast are one-note and it works for this survival anime as it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than an excuse for a slaughter.

No. 1 School Live

School Live - Survival Anime

If you haven’t watched School Live I’m about to spoil a reveal that comes at the end of episode 1 and explain why this is my very favourite survival anime.

Still with me?

Okay, School Live is a survival anime in the very strictest sense of the word. Our cute female students are actually the only known survivors of the zombie outbreak and they are sheltering in their school.

The cute contrast between the character designs and the bright fluffy moments where we see their everyday friendship versus the real risk of being attacked by zombies as well as the way this story deals with the mental impact of the horrific situation really does make it something special to watch. While it doesn’t bring the mindless death and carnage of so many other horror or survival anime, it gives us a very human story set in a horrific environment.

Top 5 Survival Anime
These were my favourite survival anime but I’d love to know yours so be sure to leave a comment below.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Horror Anime Released in the Last 5 Years

Tuesday's Top 5

It is seriously hard to find a good horror anime and that isn’t surprising given how few are released in general (when compared with the plethora of isekai stories or cute girls doing whatever anime). But it does make it hard to do a Halloween anime list each year when very little has changed. So to shake things up, this year I’m just looking at my favourite horror anime released in the last 5 years (so since the beginning of 2014). My only requirement for this list is that I enjoyed the anime and it is tagged as a horror anime. That said, I’d love to know your favourites so please leave me a comment below with some of your recent favourite horror anime.

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions: Devilman Crybaby and The Lost Village. Both had potentially good ideas but neither really worked for me in the end. Still, they are both better than the Ito Junji Collection anime.

Number 5: King’s Game


It would be so wrong for me to not include King’s Game on this list. As terrible as it was, it was the kind of terrible that ended up just being a joy to watch. With a number of other bloggers on board watching this weekly ended up being pure fun even as the show descended into every sillier lows (I’m still stuck on the girl who was on fire calmly spouting exposition before jumping). It is ridiculous, over the top, violent, and mostly senseless, but it is still one of the most entertaining horror anime I’ve watched in a while.

Number 4: Ajin


Okay, creepy animation style aside, Ajin delivered a fairly compelling plot and an interesting cast of characters. Did it always use them to their best advantage? Not so much, but Ajin did manage to keep me entertained. Whether it was the tense feeling of needing to escape, the horror of confinement and human experimentation, or the outright shock and gore of some fairly bloody fight sequences, Ajin delivered and it did it with style and consistency for the most part.

Number 3: Parasyte


There’s something genuinely unsettling about the idea of having your hand eaten and replaced by a parasitic being that awakens you by lamenting that it didn’t manage to eat your head. Throw in the cold and alien intelligence with no regard for life outside of its own survival and you have the makings of a really interesting story. Now, Parasyte may not have lived up to the expectations set by its premise and it did have a lot of wasted side quest moments, but the core story is one that provides plenty of unsettling moments and if you want blood you will certainly find that here.

Number 2: Tokyo Ghoul


Speaking of blood, Tokyo Ghoul managed to slip in to the time frame and so I had to include it. Season one begins with a lot of gross out body horror with slicing and dicing and vomiting. It’s a generally visually disturbing opening to a show that continues to bring shocks and grossness with over the top violence, cannibalism, and finally descending into a slow torture sequence before ending its first season with a bang. While the narrative has its issues and the pacing is all over the shop, if you want something that knows how to get a visceral reaction out of an audience, Tokyo Ghoul is going to do the trick (at least the first season did).

Number 1: School-Live!


There’s not a lot I can say about this one without getting straight into spoiler territory but if you’ve never given this anime a go and you like horror at all, I’m just going to tell you to go watch the first episode and watch the whole episode. What you do after that is up to you but if you are anything like me you’ll be hooked. Again, the mid-season of this anime flounders a bit but with a solid opening act and some genuinely horrific sequences for the cast coming your way, this one is well worth watching and attempting to watch cold. The less you know the more impact it is going to have.

Have I missed your favourite horror anime released since 2014? Let me know your picks in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Days, 3 Quotes: Day 2 – Seriously, Just Because Someone Is Evil Doesn’t Mean They Are Behind Everything Wrong With The World


Again a big thank-you to Moyatorium for tagging me. And a reminder that I’m going to keep these posts pretty short and I’m also going to break the consecutive day rule. I have however, decided to choose quotes from the Autumn 2017 anime season for my 3 days.


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day, can be a super short post).
  • Nominate three new bloggers each day.



As the post title says, just because someone is evil doesn’t mean they are responsible for everything that goes wrong. I felt this was appropriate in the show because Natsuko was certainly evil in King’s Game (or at least a survivalist right until the end which kind of over-rode any sense of human compassion she may have had) but she didn’t cause everything that went wrong for the characters. They managed quite a few disasters all on their own. And you have to admit, there are always people in your life that you will suspect when something goes wrong, but they may not always be the cause.

Nominations (obligation free):

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King’s Game Series Review: Only For True Fans of Bad Horror



Something happened at Nobuaki’s old school and all of his classmates are dead. Starting over at a new school he is understandably reserved but slowly gets drawn into friendship with many of his new classmates. Then they all receive a text message informing them that the King’s Game has started and they cannot stop playing.


This show more or less took a shopping list approach to cheesy horror and then delivered an unevenly paced, poorly gore censored, poorly characterised approach giving us what could possibly be described as the best of what B Grade horror has to offer. You want over the top deaths and reactions to those deaths? Check. You want a totally implausible and inescapable villain? Check. You want a large cast of characters to serve as cannon fodder? Check and check given we get to see the current class bite the dust as well as the previous class Nobuaki was a member of through flash backs.

There is literally nothing good about this show. The plot, the characters, the execution are all sub-standard at best (okay, the opening theme is pretty cool). Yet, it is undeniably fun viewing for people who are fans of movies along the lines of Scream, Urban Legend, Disturbing Behaviour, etc, etc. While I might have liked less of the flash backs to the previous class, the current class to be more fleshed out, and better animation and visuals (particularly on some of the deaths), this is more or less exactly what I want when I say I want to watch bad horror. It hit the spot exactly and I had a blast watching it (though enjoying watching something and actually recommending it to others are entirely different things).


For those who didn’t watch it during its airing, I should probably be more specific about what the story does and does not do.

Probably the biggest flaw this show has is you won’t ever get an answer as to what the King’s Game is and why it exists and how it does what it does. It just does. Deal with it or watch something else. In a show like Juni Taisen where it was heavily implied that there was a purpose to the fight and then we just never got any detail, this sort of thing bothers me. In King’s Game, it didn’t really matter. A killer text message will still kill you even if you know its exact origin. What little explanation we got was mostly conjecture by the characters and unconfirmed conjecture at that (and that’s probably a good thing because it was insane). Basically, don’t expect a satisfactory motive for any of the game by the end.


That said, even character motives get murky at times. While there are some clear ones for the survivalists in the group, other characters’ have very confused motives and at times you can’t really see the sense in their actions. You can dismiss most of this because of the extreme situation they find themselves in and because they are young, but after awhile you have to wonder if this class was full of students who were all just a little bit stupid. Also, the absence of reasonable responses from the school, parents or the community to the deaths certainly makes you wonder just what the context for this story is because unless they all got transported to another dimension at the start of the game where no other humans existed outside of the class, it just makes no sense that nobody seems to care that these students are literally dropping like flies.


Nobuaki (the main character) is brilliant and dreadful all at the same time. Outside of the context of this show, he is a dreadful character. He’s inconsistent, whiny, defeatist (except when he decides he can’t give in), stands on the corpses of his friends but insists cooperation is the key to survival without a shred of evidence. He’s brilliant to watch in the insanity that his very nature brings to the story. A walking contradiction. A survivalist who seems to genuinely believe in the protection of the herd yet somehow always comes out on top.


By himself, he may have become unbearable, but when countered by Natsuko (also a previous game survivor) who is an undisguised survivalist and will openly trample on anyone and anything, he becomes much more interesting. The two clash over and over and yet they both desire to live. And again, Natsuko is an individually unbearable character and if you removed her from the context here and just examined her actions and motives, you would wonder why she wasn’t edited out of existence. But she works here. She stirs the class and adds tension where it is needed and provides a human face to the horror that might otherwise only be conveyed through blacked out smudges of blood and dismemberment or text messages.

The story also deals with the large cast by very quickly whittling it down with a large number of deaths upfront and the group splitting until very close to the end so that you could spend more time with handfuls of characters. Unfortunately most of the support cast aren’t up to the task of being interesting, but at least you remember their name when they finally bite the dust.


I do want to address the King’s commands though. From the flash backs it is clear that not every punishment is death, yet in the current game the punishments are almost always death. The challenges themselves escalate, super fast.  Going from confessing, to sleeping with someone, to smashing your own hand with a rock and worse, very quickly with no steps back where an easy task is given. I feel this is one element of the show that should have been played with more with easy tasks being given and more tension building when a punishment was coming because you wouldn’t know if the punishment would involve death, injury, or maybe just embarrassment. There’s certainly a lot that could have been done with this story element that really didn’t get developed.


Still, I stand by the title of this posts. If you like bad horror, this will be a treat. Otherwise, this isn’t the show for you.

I’d love to know your thoughts on King’s Game if you watched it.

Episode Reviews:

Thanks for reading.

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The Best of Autumn 2017


And the Autumn Season has come to a close bringing an end to the 2017 year in anime. While the poll for best of the year will get going tomorrow, for now it is time to reflect on the final anime season that 2017 had to offer. Starting with my picks, we’ll then look at the results of the reader poll. This was incredibly close this time with three titles changing back and forth with barely a vote in it for the entire duration of the poll.

My Favourite Show

Well, if you’ve followed my weekly season overviews you know season 2 of March Comes in Like a Lion has been on top every single week. However, it isn’t finished yet so it isn’t taking this out (though it so should by a million miles as I’m completely obsessed with it at this point). Yes, I rewatched season one and all episodes of season 2 that were out over the Christmas break and no I didn’t get around to watching Full Metal Panic for a review so, whoops.

With that one ruled out though, what took it’s place?

It came down to Land of the Lustrous and Girls’ Last Tour. I loved both shows but considering the final episodes and which one gave me a greater sense of completion and I have to give favourite show of the Autumn 2017 season to Girls’ Last Tour.


My Favourite Character

This was super, super tough as there were so many great characters this season. It finally came down to two and I have to give it to Phos from Land of the Lustrous. I didn’t much like Phos when I first met them but over the course of the series and following along with Phos’ transformation as a character, they really captured me. However, other great characters from Autumn included Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion, Chito from Girls’ Last Tour, Morioka from MMO Junkie (okay, I just loved her), and Ena from Just Because.


My Favourite Story

My favourite story was absolutely Land of the Lustrous, but for that whole slightly unfinished feeling. I still think it was the best story of the season. March and GLT are both more slice of life and drama driven than story driven. That said, I personally loved King’s Game because it is a completely terrible story delivered in a fairly terrible way. So, personal enjoyment fairly high but quality pretty low on that one.


My Favourite Opening Theme

So many great ones this season. I mean I loved the King’s Game opening as it fit the trashy feel of the show, Juni Taisen was amazing with Rapture (my favourite thing about the show), MMO Junkie was just upbeat fun as was Girls’ Last Tour. However, my favourite for the season needs to go to March Comes in Like a Lion. I loved how the opening theme really captured the progress Rei has made in his journey over the course of the first season and where he is now. And, once again it beautifully matched the visuals to the lyrics and tone. Still, this one was incredibly close this season.


My Favourite Visuals

No competition at all here. As much as March remained on point with its visuals (and is glorious as always) Land of the Lustrous was truly exceptional at showing us all what CG could do when handled well and not making our eyes bleed.


Reader’s Choice – Best Anime of Autumn 2017

Here it is:

Best of Autumn

Yep, the Ancient Magus’ Bride stole it in the last couple of days thought early on it looked like Girls’ Last Tour would take the lead before March Comes in Like a Lion managed to pull ahead. For so much of the vote these anime were within one vote of each other and the lead swapped a number of times.

Featured Image -- 39888

That of course brings us to the end of the best of Autumn 2017. Get ready to vote for best of the year with the top 3 titles from each season going head to head and that poll should be open tomorrow.

As always, I’d love to know what you thought about the season so please share your thoughts on the poll and any of the other shows in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


The Worst of Autumn 2017


Something different this season, I’m starting with the worst so that the best can follow. I will admit, this season the poll had the most votes for worst anime of the season and there was a clear winner fairly early on. So, first I’ll share my picks for worst of the season (keeping in mind these are the shows I watched and not the ones I dropped) and then I’ll share the result of the reader’s poll. Be sure to check back later for the best of Autumn.

My Least Favourite Show

Despite a number of shows managing to disappoint or not live up to their potential this season (and yes there were a lot of amazing shows too but that means very few ended up in the middle either being fantastic or meh, dull or just painful), a clear winner for my least favourite show still emerged. Yes, it was the show I should have dropped after that train wreck of a prologue and I certainly shouldn’t have continued beyond episode 3 and yet I’m just not very good at knowing when to admit defeat. You guessed it, Dies Irae. A horrible mess of a show that never got any better and after watching a prologue and 11 episodes I’m still not really sure if there is any point other than crazy characters with super powers being crazy.


My Least Favourite Character

This is actually kind of hard because there were a lot of very bland characters out there this season. I’d nominate most of the cast of Juni Taisen but none of them hung around long enough for me to really care enough about to say they were my least favourite character. And Asta (Black Clover), as much as he would win for most annoying voice of the season, hasn’t actually done enough of anything for me to care about him either. So, sorry to say but the character who I liked the least even though he is kind of important to the story was Koiwai from Recovery of an MMO Junkie. If I knew him in real life I would genuinely despise this guy. Regardless of his intentions, his actions are at times highly questionable and he has way too much fun stirring up Sakurai.


My Least Favourite Story

Unquestionably Juni Taisen. I think what makes this worst is the advertising that insists on twists and turns in a plot that is utterly devoid of anything resembling a twist (unless a lack of twist is a twist these days). And really, where is the story. They fight, they die, we still don’t know what impact that had and we never had any reason to care about them. The few interesting elements of this show can’t save a plot that marches through the process of knocking off its cast without bothering to give us a reason why or making us care.


My Least Favourite Opening Theme

Sengoku Night Blood, oddly enough. It isn’t that it is terrible but it is just painfully generic and unremarkable in any sense of the word. I guess it matches most of what the show delivers but to be honest this was the opening I skipped the most during Autumn.



My Least Favourite Visuals

I have to give it to King’s Game. As much as I quite liked this story, the terrible depiction of deaths (heads getting screwed off, bleeding, severed limbs etc) just come off as incredibly laughable when they aren’t completely lame. While the rest of the show is just kind of average, for a horror that takes pride in knocking off its cast with alarming regularity they never really did manage to make even one death look in any way cool, interesting, or even just impressively real. For instance, in the image below, the guy is bleeding from the neck and his head is about to fall off. While censorship could be blamed a little, even that isn’t enough to account for how poor some of the visuals are in this anime.


Reader’s Choice – Worst Anime of Autumn 2017

Well, here it is. I’m going to be honest in that I was hoping that Dies Irae would take over the lead but I guess I always knew what the majority of people would vote for. Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote this time round.

Worst of Autumn

Yes, King’s Game had an early lead and never really relinquished it. Clearly, bad horror left a bad taste in many viewers mouths.


That’s it for the worst of Autumn 2017. Be sure to check back later for the best of Autumn post and remember the best of the year poll will open tomorrow with results to go out next week. As always, I would love to know your final thoughts on the season, so what did you vote for and which shows do you think deserved the title worst of the season?

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


King’s Game Episode 12 – The Dramatic Conclusion (Or Maybe Not)


Review (heavy spoilers):

It will be genuinely impossible to review this episode without spoilers so if you want to be surprised by the conclusion (well, don’t watch the show for one but also maybe pass on reading this post until later). We are down to our last five contestants in this game of death and after running an entire day they all all seem pretty energised still (even the girl who fainted and was carried the last bit seems to make a startling recovery). And where are any of their parents, teachers, local police, or anyone else given the entire class is now either dead or wandering around in the mountains at night? Not to mention, the show is still insisting that a real virus somehow became a computer virus.


However, if you watched eleven episodes of this, clearly you accepted that this was B Grade horror and such gaping holes in story-telling were excused due to genre and general entertainment principles so we’ll move on rather than raising multiple other issues with the narrative that I’ve ignored thus far in the name of having at least one decent horror to watch this season (though the word decent when applied to horror definitely required redefining).


So the big secret? No one can live!

Wait, you mean you figured that out already? Really? And they were so careful about hiding that (heavy sarcasm).

Yet despite the heavy implication that all participants are now dead watch through the credits and see the sequel bait ending. This show most definitely knows its horror tropes and it played it right until the end. Well, as the opening song says, “This is the end.” I will review the whole series later.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


King’s Game Episode 11: There Is No Winning



Other than the near completion of the day long run (which I’m calling rubbish on given most of these kids weren’t dressed for running and they certainly didn’t have enough fluid so more of them should have collapsed) this episode brings us a glimpse at how Nobuaki’s game ended leaving one crucial detail to our imagination. And what we realise is that there is no winning. I guess most of us kind of suspected that given Nobuaki was stuck in another game after surviving one as was Natsuko so it isn’t as though surviving freed them from this game, but to have it bluntly delivered and realising to a point that both of them made the same choice once again makes you want to compare the two.


Still, there’s a couple of good moments for the side characters later in the episode as they make their choices when things are looking bleak, unfortunately the show doesn’t have time to explore these (having wasted most of the first half of the season on flash back episodes) and so we meet these characters and see their intentions and then they are pretty swiftly removed from further consideration.

The show remains pretty bad (just look at the decapitation early in the episode to see how bad it can be) and yet there’s definitely something fun about watching it. I’m kind of looking forward to what happens next.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


King’s Game Episode 10: Questions and Motivations



Seems everyone is asking ‘why’ in this episode. Not the ‘why’ the audience wants answered mind you. No one is asking why the King’s Game even exists or why the king thinks they are capable of running the entire day (because if that was my order I’d be camping out next to a vending machine with a cool drink and counting down the first eight hours). No, instead they are wondering why the person died when he made a promise or why Nobuaki is acting like Nobuaki.


Even Nobuaki’s subconscious wonders why he acts the way he does which is kind of telling when even he doesn’t believe his own motives.


And so we end up in the land of flimsy rationalizations. Not once in this episode is any ‘why’ answered in any meaningful way. Instead the question remains unanswered or diverted with silly excuses.


The end result is a fairly tense and interesting episode despite a lack of anything really happening. Okay, there was a water sequence that set my teeth on edge though I rationalised that to myself by deciding the guy died from internal injuries before he fell into the water (yep, I am as good at avoiding reality as any character in this show).

The one criticism I did have of the episode though is that other than Chiemi, all the floating apparitions Nobuaki has to motivate himself come from the current timeline. What about his best friend and all the other characters from the first game that Nobuaki was significantly closer to?

I know this show isn’t very good but it remains a fairly entertaining watch each week and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how it ends.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.



King’s Game Episode 9: Emotional Tension Despite a Lack of Logic


Review (some spoilers):

Pointing out holes in the logic of King’s Game is pointless as well as stupid at this point in time. It is clear the story isn’t logical and isn’t trying to be. So the absence of parents at the hospital when two separate teenagers have been admitted with every finger on one hand broken is more or less the standard for this narrative. Questioning it doesn’t get you any closer to anything and it is just one more massive gap in the believability of the world constructed here so you may as well just shrug and move on.


Despite the inherently broken nature of the plot, the show continues to give some really strong emotional moments and definitely manages to engage the audience in these scenes. Natsuko and Aimi’s break downs during the finger breaking game followed by the twist we all knew was coming but didn’t know what form it would take. Things were going too well for Nobuaki this episode and this show has been all about kicking Nobuaki when he is down but somehow never really getting close to killing him.


And it makes sense. Nobuaki is really the only character the audience has had any chance to connect with and he’s been set up as the tragic hero. He keeps trying to save everyone around him and fails miserably, meanwhile the saps keep sacrificing themselves to keep him alive so that he can fail to save everyone else. It is insane and yet somehow works because it is just so horrible.


Still, with smashed and snapped fingers, emotional manipulation, and everyone completely shattered by the end of this episode, I’m guessing the final episodes are going to be explosive. Particularly as we still have ten warm bodies in this show and all evidence points to there only being one survivor.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.