Gamers Episode 9: Another Needless Complication



For one brief shining moment it looked like the complication hanging over from last week, Chiaki realising that Keita was actually the guy she was talking to online who liked her games, would be cleared up and we’d move on. In a feat that would have been totally unexpected of this show at this point in time.


And then she decides to do something stupid and we’re plunged into yet another plot twist that serves really no purpose other than to stretch this out for the full season. Of course, this heavy focus on Keita and Chiaki comes at the expense of Tendou and Aguri and to be honest I kind of missed them during this episode.


The other issue is that the look of the show took a dive this week with characters regularly looking either incomplete or a little askew and even though this show has only ever been average in appearance, it was noticeably of lesser quality this week.

While I’m still having fun with this show, this episode really did feel lazy. From the obvious extend the tension twist and the characters now just acting needlessly dense in order to sustain the complications, and other characters just not appearing at all, it wasn’t great.

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Karandi James.