Kiznaiver Series Review: Share Their Pain

This is part of a series of re-posts of older reviews on 100 Word Anime. The original review came out in June 2016 and can be found here. When I first watched Kiznaiver I was overwhelmed at the end by a feeling of utter disappointment. Revisiting it two years on, the issue I found was that … Continue reading Kiznaiver Series Review: Share Their Pain

Kiznaiver Series Review

Overview: Katsuhira can't feel pain and doesn't know why. This apparently makes him the target of bullies and an obsessive child-hood friend. However, Katsuhira and six of his classmates are used in an experiment to join their pain and begin a journey of emotional self-discovery. I did review this week to week so if you … Continue reading Kiznaiver Series Review

Kiznaiver Episode 11

Review: Right, so we were on track for a fairly good episode. Katsuhira finally started using his head and actually developed some real growth rather than being artificially prodded along. The facility being closed down has become more inevitable than ever and the others in the group have been doing some self-reflection as well. Great. … Continue reading Kiznaiver Episode 11