Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 3


A Falling Ship Raises The Stakes


Astra Lost in Space Episode 3

Three episodes in and Astra Lost in Space has cemented itself as the new anime of the season that has fully grabbed my attention. The set up this episode is pretty simple but executed incredibly effectively. As the kids start putting together the information they have they start to realise maybe their getting stranded in space wasn’t an accident and with the broken communicator they are now forced to suspect the others of being involved.


However, finding out who the traitor might be is put on hold as potential death looms. A collision with rocks in space damages the ship and they are now in danger of an uncontrolled re-entry causing them to crash onto their next destination planet rather than landing on it. The team need to work together and scramble if they aren’t all going to just go splat onto the surface.


I liked that this episode shows that Kanata is definitely not some unshakable rock. While routinely the one who has taken action and found solutions, this week faced with insufficient information to narrow down who might be someone to suspect he really started to come unstuck. And when the ship was in danger and physical strength and effort weren’t going to be enough to save it, Kanata very quickly lost his cool to be brought back into check by those around him. It is a nice bit of character work.


The story is also quietly working away at giving each character some area of strength to demonstrate so that they can contribute to the team even if in a quieter way than Zack and Kanata. The exception so far is Yunhua who remains the enigma of the team revealing nothing of herself and constantly apologising. I kind of hope they crack her shell soon because it would be very sad if her character just remained sidelined and used to bungle the work of the others for the remainder of the series.


Basically though this one looks quite nice, the story is simple and well established after three episodes, the cast have been pretty fun to get to know, and they have managed to inject real tension into the scenes that need it. Honestly there’s very little to complain about and a lot to like about this anime so far.

The full series review can be found here.

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Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.

Kanata no Astra Review Episodes 1 and 2


Teenagers Set Loose in Space… Oh Wait, I Meant Lost in Space


Astra Lost in Space Episode 1

Kanata no Astra or Astra Lost in Space has a 47 minute first episode and while the first fifteen or twenty minutes might make you wonder if they are going to do anything to really distinguish themselves, by the end of the episode I was very much drawn into the story. And that’s mostly because other than a brief opening which puts us right in the midst of a crisis, the first half of this episode follows Aries Spring as she prepares for a camp and arrives at the space port and gets into a bunch of trouble.


Admittedly, this does help us understand technologically what the time period we are in looks like, a little bit about Aries and Kanata’s characters as they encounter each other after a thief steals Aries’ bag, and we also get to meet the other teens going on this camp and get a basic exposition about why they are going into space etc. It is all very mundane but pleasant enough viewing; however it is most definitely just the warm-up act.

In another story, she would have died five minutes after saying this.

Now, I’m not spoiling anything given the synopsis on Anime Lab and MAL tell you straight up that once they arrive at the camp they encounter a weird light that transports them thousands of light years away.

While there’s certainly a bit of plot convenience at play with the kids having put their helmets back on just in time not to die instantly in space as well as just happening to find a parked and functional space ship nearby, it is possible there will be an explanation for the space ship later and all things considered it is kind of necessary for the story to get going.

Now you know what it is like inside a washing machine.

There was some real tension in this first episode as Aries spun off into space all alone and out of reach of the others. Regardless of whether I liked these characters when we met them initially or not, these are high schoolers suddenly plunged into a life or death situation and all things considered they’ve coped beautifully and pulled mostly together.


Now they’ve got a plan for getting back and I guess we’ll get to find out how that goes and what other problems they encounter along the way. While I’m not expecting this to be brilliant I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy watching more of this journey so I’m looking forward to it.


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Astra Lost in Space Episode 2

Oh yes, Astra Lost in Space is definitely looking to be one of my favourites this season. Not a huge amount happens in this episode as they arrive at the first planet on their stops to get home and begin searching for resources. It so reminds me of playing No Man’s Sky in that sense. We get a bit more from the more vocal members of the group this week but still have a couple of characters we know practically nothing about but the group dynamic is working pretty well so far.


I think what works about this story is it isn’t being too ambitious. The first thing they see after disembarking on the new planet are these flying monsters and later in the episode the major crisis point for the episode will revolve around one of those monsters trying to take the youngest character away. It is a pretty straight forward set up and execution.


Between the two points the characters learn about the environment and different plants and trees which will become important later on, or just allow them to eat, and there’s a bit of a relaxation for the teens now that they are on their way home.


However, we do have the ongoing story elements at play. Midway through the episode they encounter the weird light sphere again in the forest and are more than a little concerned that they’ve run into it again, given it dumped them deep into space last time they ran into it and what would be the odds of them landing right next to an empty ship again? Also, there’s definitely a problem on the ship itself with implications that may very well tear the newly formed team apart.


Basically this one is fun to watch so far with a simple enough ‘get home’ plot driving the story and a reasonably fun cast of characters. Hopefully it can continue to be an enjoyable watch for the rest of the season but if you haven’t given the first episode a go I do recommend trying this one.

The full series review can be found here.

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Images from: Kanata no Astra. Dir. M Andou. Lerche. 2019.