Feature: On Romance in Anime

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Romance in anime can be super adorable. While tomorrow's post is going to focus on bad romance, today is all about the common features of sweet and romantic anime.

Top 5 Supernatural Romance Anime – Great Characters, Worldbuilding, and Just Sweet Moments

Top 5 Supernatural Romance anime

I love a good supernatural romance anime - probably because it combines my favourite elements of fantasy and horror anime with my favourite elements of romantic comedies. When done well, magic happens. Anyway, here are my top 5 picks but I would love to know yours.

Top 5: Romantic Anime (updated July 2021)

Top 5 Romantic Anime

While this list was original pretty simple more and more romantic anime come out every year that compete for my attention. Here is my updated top 5 romantic anime for 2021. I'd love to know what are currently your favourite anime romances.

Top 5 Anime Beach Episodes That Didn’t Feel Like A Colossal Waste Of Time

Anime Beach Episode - Top 5 List

I've never really hidden the fact that I'm not a big fan of the beach. Whether it is the gritty sand, the salty/fishy smell, or just the sun and heat, there's not a lot of appeal for me. Likewise, I find beach episodes in anime largely pretty pointless so it is always pleasant to come across an episode set on the beach that doesn't feel like complete filler. Here are my top 5 anime beach episodes that don't feel like a colossal waste of time.

Kamisama Kiss Series Review – Supernatural Romance About Gods and Poverty

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss is a fun rom-com with plenty to recommend it even though there's a few problems along the way. Still, main couple Nanami and Tomoe are pretty sweet together after a rocky start. Original article published June 2016.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Male Characters With Gorgeous Long Hair

Tuesday's Top 5

I will admit I am partial to male characters with gorgeous long hair so making this list was a definite joy. That said, I always enjoy finding a new long haired beauty to admire so feel free to suggest your favourites in the comments.

Top 5 Anime Characters With Wings

Tuesday's Top 5

This week we are counting down the top 5 anime characters with wings. Be sure to come along and share your favourites.

The Anime Cold: Almost as Deadly as Embarrassment and Scrapes, at Least in Anime

Friday's Feature

Life is tough for the average high school anime character. Getting caught in the rain is nearly a death sentence when a dreaded fever will strike and certainly any character who ever had a bout of chuubinyou knows that embarrassment really can kill. The anime cold and other miscellaneous maladies are truly deadly.

They Can’t All Be Natsume – Nor Do They Need To Be

Friday's Feature Banner Image

As a reviewer I try to avoid comparison where possible between one story and the next (and previously wrote a feature about it - comparing apples and oranges), but it is kind of inevitable that comparisons will be made. But I've had to realise they can't all be Natsume (Natsume's Book of Friends). Even if … Continue reading They Can’t All Be Natsume – Nor Do They Need To Be

Why I Love A Good Yokai Anime

Friday's Feature Banner Image

Friday's Feature: Believe it or not it isn't all hot fox boys driving my love of yokai themed anime. There's actually a lot to love about these stories, including the hot fox boys.