The Royal Tutor Episode 8



Prince Kai finally gets another episode focus as he asks Heine for advice about how to improve on his communication and not on how to properly wear a jacket. What is it with anime prince’s not being able to wear jackets?


I wondered with this set-up how they were going to keep this episode moving given Kai’s basic laconic nature doesn’t exactly make him compelling viewing and you can only listen to slow jokes about things being fluffy for so long before you have to wonder if they are trying to lull you off to sleep. They came up with two solutions to that problem. The first was that the three other brothers spend a lot of time in this episode compared to their focus episodes where the brothers may have made an appearance but didn’t get a lot of dialogue. The second was a plot line involving the Princess Adele.


That said, it wasn’t like they forgot Kai and he did make some progress by the end of the episode. Still, it wasn’t quite as interesting as some of the other episodes mostly because Kai just does not have much presence as a character and even though this was technically his episode, he kept disappearing into the background behind some of the other events and chatter.

The Royal Tutor is available on Crunchyroll.

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