Top 5 Jonah Moments From Jormungand

The child soldier recruited by Koko the arms-dealer as a body guard has some really fantastic moments throughout the two seasons of Jormungand. Here I'm counting down my favourite five moments with Jonah. What are your favourites?


Jormungand Series Review: She’s Going to Devour Everything

From my first watch to the most recent, I haven't really changed my thoughts on Jormungand. It is still a problematic show to try to convince someone to watch because of the subject matter, but it is still a lot of fun to sink your teeth into. If you missed my original review, here it … Continue reading Jormungand Series Review: She’s Going to Devour Everything

Jormungand Series Review

Overview: Jonah is a child soldier who is given the job of working as a bodyguard for an international arms dealer, Koko Hekmatyar. He hates guns and those who sell them but through circumstances beyond his control he remains reliant on weapons to live. While at first he resents Koko, Jonah slowly learns that there … Continue reading Jormungand Series Review