Joker Game Series Review

I've reviewed this anime week to week and if you are after my initial impressions on the episodes, click here. Review: When the first two episodes of Joker Game aired, I was instantly hooked by this series. It was different from so many of the other anime around and that I had watched. No teenagers … Continue reading Joker Game Series Review

Joker Game Episode 12

Review: I don't know how this last episode could have annoyed me more. While I've found most of the series pleasant enough without being particularly good or bad, this episode left an extreme sour taste in my mouth. Firstly because they finally try to humanize one of the spies (and let's be honest - too … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 12

Joker Game Episode 11

Review: I probably won't be able to explain why, but I quite enjoyed this episode. Possibly because there was no mystery to solve this week and no overly clever twist? With one episode remaining, while I haven't disliked Joker Game, the show has kind of just plodded along. Other than Yuki, I don't remember a … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 11

Joker Game Episode 10

Don't read if you haven't watched the episode. Not even trying to avoid stating the ending this time given it has become inevitable. Review: No surprise, D Agency outwitted the opponent before the episode even started - again. Joker Game has proven in 8 separate stories now that it is really a one trick show. … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 10

Joker Game Episode 9

Review: Well, we hit part two and it resolved the situation, in pretty much the same way they resolved any other episode. So, other than stretching over two episodes nothing seems to have changed. With all the events in this episode taking place in one night, at times the pace feels sluggish, and the flash … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 9

Joker Game Episode 8

Review: Well, we know from the title that this episode won't resolve and for once I think that's fantastic. I've been hoping for a longer arc with a bit more meat in it than the one episode stories we've received so far. This week Joker Game shows us what it has been best at all … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 8

Joker Game Episode 7

I'm going to preface this review by pointing out that it took me nearly an hour to watch the twenty minute episode due to ongoing internet disruptions, so some of my annoyance is not from the episode but rather the fragmented way in which it was viewed. Reivew: War sucks, everybody is a victim, people … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 7

Joker Game Episode 6

An overview of the series can be found on my episode 5 review. Review: I didn't love this week's episode. The first two minutes go for a slow, stylistic and dialogue free lead in and then the first words spoken (by a child) are "I'm bored" which only echoes my feelings as I watch a … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 6

Spring Overview

With 13 shows that I am actively watching (and a few others I'm kind of trying to catch bits and pieces of) I figure the end of the week is a good time to reflect on where each show is sitting. I Must Keep Watching In honesty, there isn't a lot happening this season that … Continue reading Spring Overview

Joker Game Episode 5

Overview: During WW2 a group of young men were trained as spies in Japan and then sent out into the world. Review: Episode 5 continues the episodic formula that has now been established. This time we are in London and our spy of the week has been captured. Unfortunately, we kind of know what to … Continue reading Joker Game Episode 5