My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 14



We pick up the story immediately following the attack on the school with investigations into the master mind and arrests aplenty. And in case we forgot anything we spend at least seven minutes flash backing during the first half of this episode so don’t rush to rewatch season 1.


Things had finally gotten interesting last season. We’d moved away from standard highschool hijinx and petty bullying to a full on attack by villains. So why do we spend what little time this first episode devotes to new material planning for a sports contest? Okay, it’s a sports contest with a twist because they are heroes in training and the competition is a big scouting deal, rah, rah.


I was almost ready to dismiss this show as another lack luster sequel in 2017 until we got to the final few minutes of this episode. All Might manages to really up the stakes of what seemed like it was going to be mundane filler material and I suddenly got really curious as to what would happen next.

As a first episode of a new season, this one isn’t amazing but it looks like Izuku and friends might be able to pull off another fun season provided there’s some decent danger to face off against.

Though, as a final thought, I might have to point out that the opening song is painfully uninspiring for the content. Not a bad song in and of itself but does nothing to get you pumped for the show.

My Hero Academia is available on Crunchyroll.

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