DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 9 – Conviction

Bell and Mikoto really rise to the challenge in front of them this week as the attempt to save Haruhime is on. While others are moving in the background, Bell and Mikoto are currently a two man army taking on the Ishtar familia.


DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 8 – The Killing Stone

I'm just wondering how often Bell either breaks or loses his armour. No offence to Welf, but he really needs to design something a little more sturdy. It would be interesting to see just how many sets of armour Bell has now gone through but he most definitely lost this set yet again.

What do we owe our readers?

I have often talked about the general "bloggers guilt" many people experience. After numerous conversations with my fellow bloggers, I have come to realize that a lot of us have a slight sense of unease when it comes to our blog. We feel like we're not doing "enough" or that we should do "better", in a sort of loosely defined way. Maybe we don't post often enough. We don't watch enough anime or don't keep up with the news....

DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 7 – Being A Hero Is Not Like The Stories

Episode 7 picks things up a bit after episode 6 did the set up for the new arc. Bell is trying to figure out his role as a hero without dragging his family into the mess, Hermes is just hoping he hasn't made a big mess, and Ishtar is about to make her move.

DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 6 – A Different Kind of Adventure

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this episode which isn't overly surprising given how I felt about this particular story in the light novels. It felt bloated and the danger felt fairly farcical compared to some of the situations Bell had been in. That said, I have been curious about how the anime … Continue reading DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 6 – A Different Kind of Adventure

DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 5 – Home, Family and Crippling Debt

An episode to bridge the gap between the war game and the next arc might mean a slowing of the pace but it also means a chance to spend some time with the Hestia familia in its newly expanded form. We've got toasts, bath scenes and crippling debt to go around in episode 5 of DanMachi.

DanMachi Review Season 3 Episode 4 – The Winner Takes All

The war game begins and ends in this thrilling episode of DanMachi. Seriously, who doesn't want to see Bell and his extended family taking on Apollo's band of 100 in a winner takes all battle? This was one seriously cool episode.

DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 3 – With Some Help From Friends

DanMachi Season 2 continues with Hestia learning the conditions of the war game, Bell training with Ais, and everyone else working to rescue Lily. Irina and I discuss what episode 3 did right, what it did wrong, and Irina desperately tries to stop me from gushing.

DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 2 – Let The Games Begin

So cool.This episode was just great to watch. I was really looking forward to seeing this part of the story animated and it absolutely didn't disappoint. I may however have gone slightly overboard with the screencaps, and still didn't manage to get any of Welf or Lily. What did you think Irina?  Um...well... It was … Continue reading DanMachi Review Season 2 Episode 2 – Let The Games Begin

Irina on 100 Word Anime

Hi guys, How are you today? I hope you're good. Happiness is contagious and there's never enough around. Today, I would like to have a little chat with you. Just a tiny update on my adventures in 100 Word Anime in case you are curious. First, let me tell you how all of this came about. … Continue reading Irina on 100 Word Anime