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We all know there are some amazingly talented people in the community and it is always great finding a new blog to read or view that has something interesting about it. The Free Spirit Anime with Rami is fairly new but already has a nice show-case of some very cool anime inspired drawings.

Now I know from looking at the likes and comments over there that a number of my followers have already come across this blog (and Raistlin featured Rami in his latest blogger in the spotlight), but if you haven’t, it might be worth taking a few moments to check out and maybe even to suggest a character you would like to see drawn.

The drawings are absolutely gorgeous and well worth checking out. There’s a few below but head on over to their site and spend some time checking out the work they’ve put on display in just a few weeks. Here’s an introduction from Rami:

My name is Rami Alhaj Hussein I am 31 years old drawing since I was child it’s a hobby I enjoy spending time sketching something around me using pencil or pen sometimes charcoal stick , sometimes using Photoshop for drawing, editing or Clip studio paint ( anime PC app ) sometimes people ask me a common questions like how can I become artists well the answer is easy pick a pencil and start with sketching anything around you, or start with drawing a circle, triangle and square first then start with simple drawings, I always love to see the smile on people faces after I show them my work so I decided to make my first blog to make everyone smile.

Rami Alhaj Hussein

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Anniversary Special – Thanks For Joining Me This Week


Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for joining me this week to celebrate my anniversary. I know the actual anniversary date is May 1 but unfortunately I won’t be online then, so I’m glad you helped me celebrate a little bit early. Despite not being around next week I have content scheduled to go out as normal so hopefully you will enjoy and I’ll be sure to catch up and reply to comments once I have internet again.

All of the anniversary posts including the contributions made by Scott, Mei, Rossi, Irina, Remy, Arithifis, and Aldael can be found using the link below. Be sure to check them out as they shared some great blogging advice and there are links to their blogs if you are not following any of these amazing people.

Anniversary Posts

Now, to finish off the anniversary week, I have my second attempt at an introductory video for Patreon. The original one was up a few weeks ago for feedback and I was given some incredibly helpful advice from a number of viewers and I really thank them for the feedback. The original video is below:

Now, I haven’t changed the music, because despite the feedback, I like the music and the video is introducing me and I kind of think it suits what I was looking for. However, I have been working on it off and on in-between everything else and I think the second video is a lot better. I’m still not entirely happy with it and I know there’s a sound glitch toward the end where a word is cut off and I still haven’t figured out how that happened. However, I would appreciate feedback if you have the time (the video is less than a minute).

While I’m probably not going to rework an introduction video straight away as I’m going to attempt to start working on a video for Patrons as we’re getting closer to the first goal of $50 a month where I am supposed to be delivering some video content to patrons, I would appreciate the feedback as I will apply it to my next project and I will eventually, once I’ve gained some more skill and confidence, come back and redo the introduction video yet again.

Here is the updated video:

With that, the anniversary celebration is officially over and hopefully you will all still be reading next year and will join in the third celebration of 100 Word Anime.

thank you


Thanks for reading.

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Visualist X 100 Collaboration Introduction


You probably caught this news earlier in the week. After working with Weekend Otaku for the past two seasons with the 200 Word Anime reviews of The Ancient Magus’ Bride (and Black Clover for 13 weeks), I’m starting the Spring season with a new collaboration with Kapodaco from the Visualist’s Veranda. I really enjoy writing these reviews with others as it really does make me pay more attention to what I’m watching and writing and I was thrilled when Kapodaco asked me if I was interested in starting something for spring. Thrilled and a little panicked because I have a great deal of respect for Kapodaco’s opinion and ability to critique. Still, I am really looking forward to the next couple of months and I think this is going to be a great experience.


My Hero Academia is one of those odd anime that on paper looks like every other generic shounen ever. In fact, I didn’t start watching season one when it first started airing for the simple reason that I didn’t want to watch another super hero anything and I wasn’t really in the market for a shounen anime. Many positive reviews later and I started watching it and binged all five of the episodes that were out. I was instantly hooked by Midoriya and I loved how All Might was built up and then was revealed to be less than perfect and yet Midoriya didn’t instantly feel betrayed or let down by his hero. While there is nothing particularly new about the story here, there is a lot of love and attention given to the characters and the story that carries even the more average moments to fairly compelling heights.


With season two, once I realised we were going into a tournament arc, I again lowered my expectations of the show. I hate tournament arcs. I really do. They are dull, repetitive, and what little character development they offer probably could have been integrated more organically into a more interesting story line. And once again, My Hero Academia blew my expectations away. It delivered the most consistently interesting tournament arc I have ever watched and the character work for both main and support characters was fantastic. It immediately followed this up with Stain and the league of Villains and really the show has definitely managed to prove it isn’t a one trick pony and there’s some actual thought put into it.


That said, I’m going into season three anticipating excitement but not really wanting to directly consider what it might do. So far, My Hero Academia has demonstrated that even when it treads over old and familiar plot structures it will deliver something special so regardless of what season three chooses to do, I’m hoping it will do it well. About the only thing I’d really love is to see more Todoroki and that’s because he’s a fire and ice user and that is just fantastic no matter how I look at it.

Alright, I’ll be more serious about what I’d like from season three (keep in mind I have zero familiarity with the source material and do not want real spoilers).


I would like more from the villains. Other than Stain, the villains have been the weak link in an otherwise pretty amazing cast and yet they have some real potential to be pretty terrifying and threatening, and I’d like to see them do both in the new series and actually really put our main characters in peril.


While it might be too early, I’d like to see All Might taken out of the picture sometime during the next season. I kind of feel Midoriya needs a real push if he’s going to continue to grow as a character and a hero.


Finally, more Todoroki. I’d actually like to see Midoriya and Todoroki working together more because they are both pretty awesome characters and I think the combination of the two could be pretty amazing. But throw in some Uraraka as well because Midoriya and Uraraka as adorable.

I’m genuinely excited to start this project and I’ve been looking forward to the first episode of My Hero Academia. Hopefully you will all follow along with us and let me know below what you would like to see from season three (no spoilers from source material).

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Feedback Requested on Introduction Video


Working on video content for the anime blog has been something I’ve been wanting to do through most of the last twelve months but the project I was working on got trashed when I had to change computers and my new computer was not compatible with the video editor I’d spent all that time learning to use.

I also realised I just didn’t have time to produce that sort of content with any regularity. However, I’ve been slowly learning a new program and have finally produced something as an introduction to add to my patreon page. As it is the first video content I have ever actually gotten to upload online, I would really appreciate feedback, hints, tips, opinions and anything else you could offer as this is most definitely an ongoing learning process.

I’ve decided that I want making video content to be more than an aspiration many years down the track. I want to move forward with this goal. However, to make that a reality, I do need to start making the blog profitable in the long run. That said, there aren’t any massive changes coming up as I continue to love writing the current content, but as I start achieving some of my goals on patron I’m going to work to see what I can produce in addition to the current content. Hopefully it will end up being something worthwhile.

As always, a huge thanks to the patrons who already support me and hopefully soon I will be able to provide you with more great (mostly reasonable) content.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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