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My Roommate is a Cat Episode 4 Review

The problem with being impulsive is it comes with a whole bunch of ongoing impacts that could have been foreseen if the initial event had been planned. Anyone who owns a pet knows the raft of responsibilities it brings with it, and the joy and love. However Subaru, in My Roommate is a Cat did not go looking to pick up a pet cat. He picked up Haru on a whim and can barely look after himself let alone a pet.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 4 Subaru

Fortunately, the ripples have already begun to swirl about him and his editor is hanging around more often than not as is his self-proclaimed child-hood friend. They both invade his house (he really should change the locks) for breakfast and the end result is Subaru being dragged out to buy a collar which then leads to the discovery that he hasn’t had Haru taken to the vet which then leads to the discovery that he’s actually been over-feeding Haru and as a former stray Haru will eat whenever food is around.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 4 Subaru "Don't leave me"

It’s a simple situation but one made fairly entertaining by Subaru’s utter lack of preparedness. It’s a trait I’m sure many people can recognise when people who are super into routines do suddenly do something unexpectedly, they struggle to deal with the flow on disruptions. They aren’t used to taking things as they come or trying something new so every step becomes a hurdle that is utterly and completely exhausting.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 4 Haru

For once, the whole way through the episode I just kept wondering what Haru thought of all the antics that dragged her about to the vet and back. It is finally very clear to me why they’ve set up this formula of Haru’s perspective at the end. It may not always be golden, but there are now times when I’m anticipating hearing the cat’s view on issues and I’m wondering during the first telling how Haru sees things. It lifts the fairly mundane into something that is just that little bit more interesting.

This series continues to be a relaxing delight for cat lovers and while it isn’t anything super-special, I’m certainly having fun with it.

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Anniversary Special Post – Interaction with Mei


A big thank-you to Mei for deciding to take part in the anniversary this year. Mei writes over on The Treasure Box where you will find, well, treasure. Or rather, a treasure trove of thoughts about anime, manga, drama and whatever else Mei’s thoughts turn to. For their contribution, Mei has taken on the idea of interaction which is something that is pretty crucial for a blogger. Thanks so much Mei for being a part of this anniversary and for sharing your experiences with the community.

Treasure Box.JPG

In probably more than 100 Words:


Honestly, when I started my blog on WordPress, I was not expecting to interact with a lot of people. I initially planned for my blog to exist as a record of the thoughts and feels I had for series that I watched and read and to practice expressing my thoughts more in written form.

But I don’t have problem leaving comments on the posts I read and have something to say about. As much as possible, I leave comments because I think bloggers deserve to know that their effort of putting up a post is very much appreciated. It’s also because I feel like it’s an assurance for them that I read their posts and not just “liked” it. There are times I fail leaving comments, though, because I don’t know how to respond or to give a sensible comment.

On the other hand, I am not confident with the content of my posts, so I’m continuously surprised that there are people reading and even commenting on some of my posts. These few comments are what encouraged me to leave some few questions or statements with intention of interacting with other people by the end of some of my recent posts. I still feel a bit shy about them, but I believe courage and diligence are needed to establish a good relationship with others. I found the community we have here is wonderful and it’d be a waste not to be involved just because of my timidity.

Mei makes the excellent point that the community we have here is wonderful. Almost all the ani-bloggers I have met welcome comments and discussion and for the most part bloggers want people to leave comments. It makes us feel as though we aren’t just casting our words out into a void and that someone has actually heard us. So leaving a comment for someone else is kind of important.

If you want more from Mei, be sure to check out The Treasure Box and here is a post to start you off.

That’s it for now but check back tomorrow when we have Rossiroad discussing scheduling and Irina sharing her thoughts on passion.

Thanks for reading.

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