Inquiring Minds Want to Know #19

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

This week I face my toughest challenge yet… I have to admit I have terrible taste in music. But that’s okay, at least nobody is asking me to try to save the world. This is a fun question and one I’d like to know about my readers so please answer the question in the comments below and remember, I’d love to answer a question from you so fill in the survey below or DM on twitter.

Do you have a favourite musical genre/musical artist, or are you simply open to listening to whatever catches your attention/puts you in a good mood?

Alexie the Great

This has probably become apparent to anyone who has read my top 5 opening or ending lists, but I have really bad taste in music. Actually, that’s not entirely true. What I do know is that if you go through the music on my phone you’ll start wondering just how such a collection ever got thrown together and to be honest there’s no real logic at work here.

I grew up with parents that listened to a lot of 60’s and 70’s music. Bubble-gum pop music was a special feature and I can sing all the lyrics to some truly pointless songs. Combine that background with an intense study of classical pieces and jazz music through many, many, many hours of music lessons growing up, plus a love of movie and game soundtracks, and you have the makings of a truly insane collation of songs.


One thing I do know is that I’m more inclined to listened to music I’ve heard while watching something, so TV, movie, or anime soundtrack, because when something is audio only I can’t take it in. I really struggle to listen to audio without a visual element. Forget mixing up lyrics or mishearing them, half the time I couldn’t tell you what language a song is in unless I already know the lyrics.

Which meant as a teenager movie soundtracks dominated my CD collection. One thing I’ve noticed though, is movie soundtracks provide a fairly wide range of music genres so there’s no particular style of music that really stands out to me.

Naturally I now have quite a few anime soundtracks in my playlists, but I also have a whole bunch of music from bands I hadn’t heard of until I watched an AMV or some video on YouTube that used the music and credited the song. I’ve hunted down more than a handful of albums based on a song I’ve wanted to find and then that in turn as exposed me to yet more songs by that artist or band.


So I guess I’m open to whatever happens to catch my attention at the time for whatever reason. Honestly though, about the only time I listen to sustained music for hours is on the car trip from where I live to a city and then it is more about whatever I can sing along to that will keep me awake and focused on the road. David Bowie works a treat for that I might point out. Though Bowling for Soup certainly keep things bouncing and Marianas Trench is always good for the drive.

But, right along side those I’ll have the 1990’s Sailor Moon theme song, Spice Girls, and some Savage Garden.


Yeah, my taste in music kind of sucks but it works for me. I’d love to know what music works for you?

As always, if you want to ask me a question please DM me on Twitter or complete the survey below.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know #18

Inquiring Minds Want to Know Feature Image

Still on the hunt for questions, however I did like the most recent inquiry that came through. As always, I’d love to know your answer to the question and if you have something you’d like answered, be sure to fill in the survey below or DM me on Twitter.

Is there any genre of anime that you have yet to watch a “definitive” title? In other words, for many genres you’ve probably encountered an anime that just links to it. Ex: Action anime = DBZ Horror = Tokyo Ghoul, etc. What genre have you not experienced that yet?

bleach episode 01 screenshot 0171

This is probably where I admit that of the big 3 shounen titles, Bleach is the only one I’ve watched. I did try Naruto and One Piece but for various reasons just never got into them. Then again, it isn’t as though I haven’t watched plenty of other shounen titles and while some might be arguably more definitive of the genre than another, I don’t think it matters all that much.

Even in the question examples, I found myself wondering whether I’d class Tokyo Ghoul as a horror. Certainly there are parts of the story that are horrific but I would watch that more for a dark action than the horror elements. For horror I’d turn to Shiki or Higurashi.

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That said, there are plenty of ‘big’ anime in various genres that I’ve just never gotten to. I still haven’t watched Spice and Wolf despite it being endlessly recommended, there are plenty of sport and harem anime I’ve never tried or gone near, and literally hundreds of comedy anime that I either never even started or didn’t watch all of it (Gintama comes to mind, though I did really enjoy season one, I felt one season was enough).


So pretty much I don’t really feel there are ‘definitive’ titles for genres, though there are very popular examples from the genre. Even then, there are always plenty of anime I haven’t watched despite how much anime I try to watch. That’s kind of what I like about it because there’s always something new to find and experience.

But I will throw this question over to the readers and see what they think. Please leave us a comment below.

As always, if you want to ask me a question please DM me on Twitter or complete the survey below.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know #17

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Just a heads up that I’m running low on questions again so if there’s something you’ve been wanting to ask, take a minute to fill in the survey and I’ll happily take on your question. So far there have been only two questions I haven’t answered. The first was just someone being a troll for the sake of it so I just ignored the question. The second one asked me about my work in the real world and that’s one question I’m going to continue to avoid answering on my blog. Sorry, but I’ve just drawn a line on that one.

However, today’s question is kind of fun and I’m looking into getting into it.

What games have you been playing recently?


It’s actually been a fair while since I’ve discussed games on the blog at all. Part of that is because I haven’t really played anything new and part of that is because I have so much anime content there really just doesn’t seem to be a lot of time or room to write about gaming as well. Still, it isn’t as though I haven’t given some time to games recently.

Over the last couple of months I really got into Darkest Dungeon. I read a review of it on someone’s blog (and I cannot remember who it was) and it looked interesting so I marked it on steam for when it had a price drop. Naturally it soon did and I picked it up and decided to give it a go.


For a really simply concept it actually ended up being a lot of fun and I worked my way through to the end of the game on the easier setting. The last dungeon actually ended up being a bit of a disappointment given the second last dungeon took me ages to beat, but otherwise I had a great time with it. The music gets a little repetitive and the dialogue, which is pretty fun and quippy in a morbid kind of way in the beginning, also gets kind of samey by the end, but for the price it was an interesting game.

I remember how crushed I was when my first adventurer died. And then I had a whole party wipe-out. But I also remember how excited I felt the first time I actually took out the Shrieker before it flew away.

From full health and happy adventurers to terrorised, broken, and dead in the space of a few moments.

Anyway, I am going to try to beat the dungeon on a harder setting but not right now.

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I’ve also recently had a bit of a look back at Fallout Shelter. Now, I hit the maximum number of dwellers in my vault ages ago and just kind of stopped playing, but now I’ve decided I want to max out my dweller’s stats so I’m checking in on it periodically just to keep things rolling along and while my dwellers were a little unhappy about some of my renovations to their vault a few key evictions and then some pairing up of key dwellers later and I have a largely happy and functional vault.

I also want to unlock all the weapon recipes so we’ll see how that goes.


But that’s really it for me and gaming. I haven’t gotten into anything overly expansive or time heavy at the moment because I just don’t have time. Still, I think later this I’ll probably start looking for a serious RPG to get into because it has been awhile since I’ve really gotten sucked into a new world and I’m keen to get going again.

However, I’ll throw this over to the readers and ask you what games you’ve gotten into recently?

As always, if you want to ask me a question please DM me on Twitter or complete the survey below.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know #16

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I’m pretty sure the question today is one everyone can get behind because we all remember starting our blogs and just how many things we didn’t know. So here we are reaching out to the community to see if we can give an answer to this one.

Can you give a word of advice or two for new bloggers?

Anime Rants
Tanjiro - Demon Slayer

Even after three years I don’t really feel like I’m qualified to give anyone else advice about blogging. All I can do is share what I’ve learned and what has worked for me. Whether that is applicable or helpful to someone else really depends on a whole bunch of other conditions. Still, there are a few points I can share.

Perhaps the most important thing is to clarify what you want from your blog. If you are just wanting to write and you don’t really care who reads it, then all you need to do is write and post. There are plenty of bloggers happy with a small following because they write their posts for themselves. However, after starting my blog and finding out just how enjoyable it is to write for an audience and to grow that audience, I started wanting to make my blog more of a job than a hobby. I haven’t got there yet but each year I work a little bit more toward that goal but it does mean that a lot of what I’ve been doing and learning about blogging is aimed towards increasing views and building a relationship with my audience.

And yet some days it still feels like I’m not getting anywhere.

Still, the fundamentals remained the same. I need to write and have something to share in the first place. At first I wrote very short reviews (hence the 100 Word part of the blog title) but over time I’ve found myself expanding on that and now find episode reviews come in at between 300 – 600 words and that’s enough to say what I want without droning on. Other posts go for as many words as they need but I still try to focus on keeping the post length to something that can be comfortably read fairly quickly but that is my style. Other bloggers write quite extensive editorials or opinion pieces and they are a delight to read but due to the nature of what they are writing they post less often.

However, once you know what you are writing and your purpose, there does remain the issue of getting your blog noticed.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord - Episode 3 - Diablo
And no, don’t wait for permission, you need to put yourself out there.

While it might seem like the long way to do it, the most consistent way I’ve found new readers is by putting aside a block of time every day to read the posts of others. I read the posts of those I follow by checking in on the wordpress reader and I also search for new blog posts on particular topics to find new audience members. Not everyone I visit ends up coming to my blog or following me, but by being consistent in this approach steady follower growth occurs. And that was mostly all I did for the first year. Posted regularly and visited other blogs leaving comments where appropriate or liking content that I actually liked.

Natsume Yuujinchou
He’s so precious.

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Last year I spent a bit of time researching and reading about twitter and changed a few of my habits on twitter and since then I’ve noticed consistent increase in views generated from twitter. It usually sits just under the readers and search engines in terms of referrers. That said, I’ve still got a long way to go in terms of learning how to use twitter better but it has been fun to figure out and the ani-twitter community is interesting. While it isn’t quite as warm and open as the wordpress ani-blogging community has been with some people genuinely being trolls for the sake of it, there’s more than enough wonderful people on twitter with a love of anime that it has been time well spent learning more about it.

Twitter is quite interesting.

This year, at the prompting of both Irina and Crow and a few other ani-bloggers, I’ve been attempting to figure out Pinterest. I still don’t get it at all but just the simple act of pinning an image from each of my posts and occasionally putting together boards of anime I’m enjoying has seen an increase in traffic to my blog with Pinterest now sitting just under twitter in terms of my referrers and a couple of times over the last month it has overtaken twitter.

However if I was going to narrow my advice down to a few quick points:

  • Know what you want from your blog.
  • Don’t take on too much at once. Focus on one thing until you have a bit of confidence and then try the next.
  • Reach out to the community as there are some amazing people you can meet online particularly in the ani-blogging community on WordPress.

But mostly I’d suggest having fun with what you do. Blogging most definitely has to be driven by passion and if you aren’t having fun there’s very little point to any of it.


Seriously though, let’s hand this over to everyone else as I’m sure they will come up with much better advice than me. I know how many people have helped me out over the past three years and I am very thankful to every blogger who has ever shared their advice, tips or tricks.

As always, if you want to ask me a question please DM me on Twitter or complete the survey below.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know #15

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Alright, Irina sent me this question a fair while ago and while I had drafted a response to it and I didn’t publish it. Mostly because my answer seemed really silly. Then again, that’s probably the point of the question. However, in true Irina fashion, this is one question that probably needs to opened to the community so I’d love to know your answer to the question as well.

Is there are small, silly blog goal you want to accomplish this year?


It probably seems super silly but I’ve actually been wanting to try it for awhile. What I’d really love to do this year is have one day where I post 24 posts in 24 hours. I have no idea why I want to do this or what it would accomplish, but I’ve just really wanted to try it.

So that I started wondering about the what and the why and honestly I think if I was going to do this it would probably need to be themed so something like 24 hours of Evangelion or something where each post looked at a different aspect of the show.


But every time I start thinking about it common sense kicks in. To start with, nobody is going to read 24 posts in one day. The time it would take to set it up and schedule would be massive and I’m honestly struggling with my existing schedule and work at the moment so this one seems like it would just be asking to stress me out. More importantly, would the posts be worth reading or would they just exist for the sake of existing?


Then I think about how great it would feel to complete it as a challenge, even if I wrote the posts over a few weeks or even a couple of months and I’ve also really wanted to write about Evangelion and keep putting it off so choosing that as a theme would be kind of awesome. I don’t know if I’m going to try to do this or not but in terms of silly blogging goals it is probably my big one at the moment.


Over to you; do you have a silly blog goal you want to accomplish? Also, would you actually want 24 posts on Neon Genesis Evangelion?

As always, if you want to ask me a question please DM me on Twitter or complete the survey below.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know #14

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Feature Image

Yay, for an anime focused question that I can sink my teeth into. That said, I’m happy for you to throw any question my way. As always if you have a question feel free to fill in the survey below and I’ll add it to the list.

I’d like your thoughts on Vampire Hunter D and its sequel.

vampire hunter d
Available from Play Asia
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To be honest, I’ve only seen the original Vampire Hunter D once, a fair while ago, and my memory of it is pretty hazy. I do remember it being interesting but fairly dated looking and I really didn’t like the sound design. Also, I saw Vampire Hunter D after I’d already seen Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and I really loved that movie.

vampire hunter d bloodlust

That said, a lot of what I liked about Bloodlust was actually present in the original so it is kind of weird that I loved Bloodlust and have watched it quite a number of times but never gone back for a rewatch of the original. On that note at some point I should actually write a proper review of it.

hunter d2

One thing I found interesting about the franchise is that it is technically set in a post apocalyptic future rather than in the past, which allows for artistic licence when it comes to the weapons, vehicles and all manner of items because they aren’t having to stay true to a particular period. A movie like Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman tried to push things with a Q like developer who came up with various weapons but they still had to operate within a known time period. Vampire Hunter D is not so encumbered by reality and allowed to really spread its wings.

hunter d

D is an interesting enough protagonist though his stoic nature makes it a bit hard to get to know him. Speaking most about Bloodlust, I loved Left Hand, the parasite that just babbles more or less incessantly, until D clutches the reign of his mechanical horse more or less gagging him. That this character plays a fairly vital role detecting and eating magic at various points and offering, mostly unsolicited, advice, he helps to humanise D and more importantly keeps things flowing along.

hunter d3

There’s no denying though that even Bloodlust has not aged well looking like something from the 90’s despite its 2000 release date. That doesn’t take away from some great atmosphere, some cool action sequences, and a fairly sweeping narrative that is well worth the ride, but it does make it difficult to justify over more recent films given as cool as Vampire Hunter D is, there’s nothing that makes this a must watch, unless like me you will watch pretty much anything with vampires in it, in which case, definitely check it out.

hunter d4

The other issue I have, as I have with so many anime films, is it all just feels rushed. There are a lot of characters who get practically no development because they show up to serve their plot point and then we are swept on to the next set-piece. When we get to the tragic finale and characters are dropping like flies it is very difficult to care about the fates of so many of them because they just never got enough screen time to make you care. Also, a story this epic really did deserve a significantly longer run time to flesh it out but instead just kept packing things in to its less than two hours and hoped the audience would just go along for the ride despite all of the glorious sequences being built on a very fragile foundation with a lot of gaps.

So, that’s my thoughts on Vampire Hunter D and its sequel but I’d love to know what my readers think of these films so leave a comment, and remember if you have a question be sure to fill in the survey below.

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #13

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

And we’re back with inquiring minds and I’ve got a fun question to answer today (and a couple more that I didn’t get to before my holiday for the next couple of weeks). As always, if you have a question for me, feel free to complete the survey here or at the bottom of the post.

Do you refresh older posts and if so do you set aside regular time to do so?

Lynn Sheridan

This is such a great question and whether to refresh older posts is one lots of bloggers have to ask themselves as their blogs get older and they start looking back at some of those older posts and realise they’ve changed their minds, they’ve changed their writing style or format, or they just plain hate what they used to write. Also, a lot of advice sites about blogs tell you that you should update older content and not just have stuff sitting stagnant in the background of your site unseen and unread.


Personally I have a couple of different answers to this as I’ve been changing my approach around over the last twelve months (mostly my third year of blogging as prior to that updating old stuff didn’t seem that urgent given nothing was all that old).

shiki 2

For a little bit I was reposting some of my old anime series reviews. Things like Shiki that were reviewed in my first few months of blogging that had practically no views, used various layouts I’ve since retired on my blog, and basically just needed more exposure. However, my original approach was to actually duplicate post and make a new post with a heading explaining it was a repost with some updates.

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The problem I found with this approach is that some people had originally commented on the first review and their comments were essentially lost back with the first post, plus when searching my site for a review it was now unclear which review to read of the same series.

Plus, it meant the only posts getting any kind of update were full series reviews and I write a lot of other content.

Yuri on Ice Episode 7 - Victor puts Yuri to bed.

I actually stumbled upon my current approach while trying to figure out how to use my twitter account more effectively and following a few steps in a guide I found just to see what happened. My regular followers may have noticed that in November last year I suddenly started having five tweets spread throughout the day promoting content on the site. These were tweets that were pre-scheduled and were to ensure that regardless of timezone something was coming out on my feed fairly regularly. And the experiment continued more or less until my trip in April and you may have noticed my twitter is currently a lot quieter just at the moment (but so are my views, amazingly this actually works at boosting exposure).

tearing a limb

However, in the process of setting that up, I realised I didn’t really want the tweets to all be about the same content, and content coming out was already automatically announced on twitter, so I started looking at older posts that either had gotten a lot of attention or had been over-looked at the time of posting to promote on twitter. The standard approach was to pick a month and go through the archives and look at the posts and how they’d gone and what content was there that might still be relevant or interesting, or that I didn’t just want to keep hidden.

Yagami Light Death Note

But, there’s no point trying to repromote a post that is still using an old signature or isn’t linking to newer content and then just reading some of my old posts made me wince. So before I schedule the tweet for a post, I revamp it. Sometimes it is just a formatting tweak, sometimes entire sections get rewritten. And then, once I’m reasonably happy, I promote the link to it.


As to a regular time, I was spending about two hours on either Sunday or Saturday selecting the older posts that I was going to promote next and then I’d chip away at editing them in small moments in between newer posts and the like throughout the week before setting them for promotion in the next week or so. It wasn’t an exact schedule as such but it was just something else to work on as part of growing the blog and so I made sure I gave it a little bit of my time each day.

That said, I’d love to know what other bloggers are doing in terms of refreshing older posts so please share your tips and strategies below.

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #12

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Right, I’m not entirely sure I understand the question this week but we’re going to give it a great effort and see if we can answer it. As always, if you have a question for me, feel free to complete the survey here or at the bottom of the post.

What is the most important thing to make Anime and why?

Mr Cat
Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 5

Okay, as I said in the introduction, I’m not 100% certain I understand this question. For instance is it asking what is most important to make an anime watchable or interesting or it actually asking about the technical side of making anime. If it is the latter, I’m out of luck because I’m pretty much clueless as to the specifics of what goes on behind the scenes to make an anime happen (okay, I get the usual writing, story-boarding, production process but nothing beyond the fairly generic).


So, I’m just going to assume it is the former and look at what makes an anime work because I’ve probably got a better chance of getting to a sensible answer with that one. Better chance. Not a guarantee.

Now, I’ve always said on my blog that I primarily watch anime, and engage in most of the forms of entertainment that I dabble in (books, movies, video games) for the story lines. For me, that’s what will make or break something. Whether the story fits together neatly, whether it builds to an interesting climax, whether it moves me emotionally. I’m aware that some people aren’t so concerned about whether something has a strong narrative and are happy just watching characters interact or comedy skits, and that works for them, but for me what makes an anime truly great and memorable, is when the story really sticks with me and the journey the characters have gone on really connects.


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However, ultimately I think an anime just needs to succeed at being what it wants to be. If it wants to be a slice of life, than it should be and not try to sneak some plot elements in and push for character development that doesn’t fit. Mostly because people looking for a story probably won’t be happy and people wanting a blissful slice of life won’t appreciate the intrusion of these other elements (unless they are well integrated and balanced). Same with comedy or harem or any genre. Whether I like it or not, I appreciate a show that manages to be exactly what it sets out to be and doesn’t try to pretend to be something it isn’t. Using the tropes and standards from a given genre and using them well usually results in something highly entertaining, at least for fans of the genre, and for everyone else, they probably weren’t going to get on board regardless.


Meiji Tokyo Renka is probably a great example of this. It isn’t doing anything new, visually it isn’t amazing, the music is pretty great though and some of the characters have been really charming, but Meiji Tokyo Renka isn’t trying to break new ground. It is just being this cute reverse-harem with a bit of time travel thrown in, and while there are some fun plot elements afoot, for the most part it hasn’t really stepped outside of its genre box (though the camel showing up was still a bit on the weird side). The anime works, it is entertaining, and ultimately while it won’t get a lot of attention in a season full of more impressive or dramatic works or amongst works that had a lot of pre-season hype, it is a fairly functional anime and one that most people wouldn’t be too upset about stumbling across in their quest to find something new to watch (it won’t work for everyone but nor will it horrifically offend).

That probably didn’t answer the question you intended and I’m sorry but I tried.

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.
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Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #11

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

This one is an interesting question as a reviewer and one that made me think about the shows I’ve covered and reviewed and shows I’ve chosen not to. Remember, if you have a question for me you can complete the simple survey here or at the end of the post.

Is there a series that you would actively chose not to review? As in you just didn’t have enough thoughts about it, or you didn’t feel inclined to write about it even if you enjoyed it?

From Anon

There’s a couple of reasons I’ve chosen in the past not to review particular anime series. The first, and most important one, is that I don’t want to review content on my blog that I haven’t watched through an official channel or by purchasing the DVD. Which actually means a large number of anime I watched a decade ago, I can’t review until I manage to track down a legal stream or DVD of because back then downloading and file sharing were about the only ways I could access large amounts of anime content (that and YouTube).

Banana Fish Episode 17 - Ash and Eiji.

These days I pretty much don’t watch shows unless they are streaming on a service I’m subscribed to and that lets me watch most things I want (or at least more than enough). However, for those following my blog at the end of last year, it would have been obvious I was watching Banana Fish and really quite enjoying it. Alas, I wouldn’t review it episodically, and even though I’d love to do a full series review, that’s just going to have to wait until I can actually buy it given it is only streaming legally on a service I don’t have. Trust me, as soon as I get real access to it, I’ll be reviewing.

Banana Fish Episode 9 - Eiji realises that Shorter betrayed Ash

As for other anime I haven’t reviewed, mostly anything I watch week to week I will write a full season review of once it is done airing. Sometimes this takes a bit longer to get around to but if I stuck with something for a season there was usually enough to talk about to make it worth my while. Though I will admit some anime have ended up with fairly short reviews when I’ve not really had a great deal to talk about.

comet lucifer 08 05

This season, I made the choice not to review How Clumsy Are You, Miss Ueno? after episode 1. While that post got a lot of views and I did watch episode 2, I realised fairly quickly the show was not to my tastes at all and I’d mostly be rehashing the same criticisms over and over again and so I chose instead to simply cut it from the final watch list. A lot of cute girl shows and slice of life shows meet the same fate, mostly because episodically I usually just don’t have much to say about them that isn’t repetitive.


Still, I try to cover a fairly large range of anime and mostly if I’ve managed to sit through something there’s something to say about it. Mostly. I really enjoy writing up my thoughts on the shows I’ve watched because I rarely have someone in my real life who is watching the same show, or even if they are they usually aren’t up to the most recent episode, so I love putting my thoughts out there and bouncing ideas and theories off others in the community about where something it going. I think for the most part I’ll happily cover most anime just to have that conversation which just adds so much fun to the viewing experience.

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.
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Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #10

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Well this question kind of comes about in response to a previous one. Hopefully you enjoy it and share your thoughts on it in the comments below. And a always, if you have something to ask me you can complete the survey below or by clicking here. I’d love to hear your question.

I’ve been rewatching Yama no Susume over the weekend and then I saw the Inquiring Minds question about OTP’s… And it occurs to me, why do we always talk about romantic partners? Let’s talk about true friends! The pairs or groups that will always be there together and for each other.


So I guess there are two parts to this question. Firstly why we’re all fixated on romantic partners and shipping characters rather than friendship, and secondly looking at characters that are true friends.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 2

I’m not really sure why, but maybe it is the whole fairy tale upbringing but the whole romantic falling in love and being with the one you love is kind of a standard of stories. As such, having characters fall in and out of love is kind of fascinating. That and it is always so adorable to watch. I’m just not sure I could see the same discussions about two characters becoming good friends and ‘will they – won’t they’ be friends forever debates raging. Okay, maybe as viewers we all just like speculating about a fictional character’s romantic prospects.

Run With The Wind Episode 14 Fireworks

So while I’m not sure why we are fixated on OTP’s and falling in love, I do know there are some fantastic examples of friendship that come through in anime. Recently, Run With The Wind has done an excellent job bringing ten guys together and making them feel like genuine friends over the course of its series and it has been nothing but pure joy watching them celebrate each other’s successes and supporting those who might be having a harder time.

Still, the pair that immediately came to mind when I read this question was Chito and Yuuri from Girls’ Last Tour. While I have read some posts that ship these two, I found their friendship to be an utterly believable one and one that really helped carry the anime (given these two were largely the only characters in it). Both were charming in their own way but the way their personalities bounced off the other really sold the show.

Girls' Last Tour Episode 7

You could completely believe that Yuuri would do whatever it took to defend Chito and she would work to get them out of any tight spots (even if her own lack of forward planning was what had gotten them into that spot in the first place). Where Chito would hesitate to act, Yuuri would take the plunge, leading to the pair making discoveries that might otherwise have passed them by. On the other hand you could count on Chito to keep Yuuri from diving into too much trouble and have the longer view of how they would survive and bring knowledge into the discussion. While the two might have had their share of disagreements, such as when Yuuri burnt one of Chito’s books, the two never stayed put out for long because they needed the other one.

School Live Episode 7

The other anime that immediately sprang to mind was School Live. For obvious reasons the girls had to rely on one another but I believe their friendship grew and was really genuinely portrayed throughout the anime. Yuki would not be alive without the support and love of those around her and I believe she knows that very well and each girl contributes something that is needed emotionally for their survival as well as their more practical skills.

Hopefully that kind of answers the question and I’d love to know what you all think so throw us a comment and let us all know.

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