Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #11

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

This one is an interesting question as a reviewer and one that made me think about the shows I’ve covered and reviewed and shows I’ve chosen not to. Remember, if you have a question for me you can complete the simple survey here or at the end of the post.

Is there a series that you would actively chose not to review? As in you just didn’t have enough thoughts about it, or you didn’t feel inclined to write about it even if you enjoyed it?

From Anon

There’s a couple of reasons I’ve chosen in the past not to review particular anime series. The first, and most important one, is that I don’t want to review content on my blog that I haven’t watched through an official channel or by purchasing the DVD. Which actually means a large number of anime I watched a decade ago, I can’t review until I manage to track down a legal stream or DVD of because back then downloading and file sharing were about the only ways I could access large amounts of anime content (that and YouTube).

Banana Fish Episode 17 - Ash and Eiji.

These days I pretty much don’t watch shows unless they are streaming on a service I’m subscribed to and that lets me watch most things I want (or at least more than enough). However, for those following my blog at the end of last year, it would have been obvious I was watching Banana Fish and really quite enjoying it. Alas, I wouldn’t review it episodically, and even though I’d love to do a full series review, that’s just going to have to wait until I can actually buy it given it is only streaming legally on a service I don’t have. Trust me, as soon as I get real access to it, I’ll be reviewing.

Banana Fish Episode 9 - Eiji realises that Shorter betrayed Ash

As for other anime I haven’t reviewed, mostly anything I watch week to week I will write a full season review of once it is done airing. Sometimes this takes a bit longer to get around to but if I stuck with something for a season there was usually enough to talk about to make it worth my while. Though I will admit some anime have ended up with fairly short reviews when I’ve not really had a great deal to talk about.

comet lucifer 08 05

This season, I made the choice not to review How Clumsy Are You, Miss Ueno? after episode 1. While that post got a lot of views and I did watch episode 2, I realised fairly quickly the show was not to my tastes at all and I’d mostly be rehashing the same criticisms over and over again and so I chose instead to simply cut it from the final watch list. A lot of cute girl shows and slice of life shows meet the same fate, mostly because episodically I usually just don’t have much to say about them that isn’t repetitive.


Still, I try to cover a fairly large range of anime and mostly if I’ve managed to sit through something there’s something to say about it. Mostly. I really enjoy writing up my thoughts on the shows I’ve watched because I rarely have someone in my real life who is watching the same show, or even if they are they usually aren’t up to the most recent episode, so I love putting my thoughts out there and bouncing ideas and theories off others in the community about where something it going. I think for the most part I’ll happily cover most anime just to have that conversation which just adds so much fun to the viewing experience.

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #8

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Such a classic question this week and one that is sure to spark some interesting discussion amongst the readers – no shipping wars please. If you have something you’d like me to answer be sure to ask using the survey by following the link or scroll down to the bottom of the post. I’m looking forward to whatever question you want to throw my way.

Who’s your biggest OTP in anime?


I’ve previously looked at my favourite couples in anime from 2018 with Ash and Eiji coming up tops and I’ve looked at my favourite romantic anime with Kimi ni Todoke being my favourite and Snow White with the Red Hair being a close follow up. Surprisingly though I’ve never looked at my OTP (one true pair) though so I’ll probably have to do a top 5 list at some point this year on it.


Honestly I don’t know who my biggest one would be. I’ll probably have to sit down with all the options written out and do some pro-con listing to narrow it down and even then I’d probably be dissatisfied with picking just one.

However for this post let’s go with the first pair that popped into my head when I read this question.

Yuri and Victor from Yuri on Ice. I know, who is surprised that these two are the first that come to mind when I think about a couple I absolutely want to be together and get a happily ever after. Seriously, these two are perfect and seeing them together is sheer beauty in and of itself. If anyone even suggested someone else for either character I just don’t think I could take that seriously as they so obviously belong together.

Yuri on Ice Episode 6 Victor and Yuri

Fortunately, though the anime aired in 2016, the past two years have been full of beautiful fan art and absolutely gorgeous imaginings in fan fiction and the like of what life for Yuri and Victor was like after the final episode. And while none of these events may even be canon, they’ve certainly been enjoyable. Besides, until there’s an actual follow up people can fill the gap with whatever they can dream. And Victor and Yuri make people dream big.

Yuri on Ice Episode 8 Yuri and Victor

So yeah, I’d have to say these two are the OTP that first come to mind when I start thinking about it. Zen and Shirayuki are certainly high up there as are Maka and Soul, though Maka and Death the Kid could be something (wow, that opens up a whole other can of worms). But really, anime has given us so many fantastic characters and relationships that narrowing it down to just one is nearly impossible.

snow white with the red hair episode 10

Still, I’ll turn it over to the readers and ask, who is your biggest OTP in anime? Keep it civil and have fun in the comments.

By the way, this was the last of the backlog of questions, so if you have anything you’d like to see me answer, leave me a question using the survey below.