Yuri On Ice Series Review

Wait, did I just schedule a Yuri on Ice review for Valentine's Day? Oh, that's right. I definitely did. Overview: Yuri Katsuki is a Japanese figure skater who kind of feels his not-so-glorious career is over when Victor (his idol from Russia) shows up to become his coach. I reviewed this week to week, it … Continue reading Yuri On Ice Series Review


Yuri on Ice Episode 12

Review: A beautiful ending (or non-ending depending on how you choose to take it) to a beautiful character piece. This show has never been perfect and the final episode is no different. If you look you'll find things to criticise and that's fine if that is what you want to do. For me though, I … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 12

Yuri on Ice Episode 11

Review: That was incredibly nail biting, exhilarating, beautiful, and wow ┬ádo they know how to keep emotions running high throughout. It might be a bit predictable with Yuri not performing perfectly in the short routine and JJ taking a bit of a stumble. If Yuri had been brilliant again in his short skate there wouldn't … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 11

Yuri on Ice Episode 10

Review: Normally, in a show like this when we have an episode almost entirely devoted to the characters taking a break from fighting (sport) what we end up with is a shallow filler episode filled with comedic moments that don't really work and some very casual characterisation. Yuri on Ice shows us what an episode … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 10

Yuri on Ice Episode 9

Review (full of spoilers if you haven't watched): There's one thing that all sports anime have in common and its one of the reasons why I've seldom got into them. From a plot point of view, predictability is inevitable. Yuri made it to the Grand Prix (but we kind of knew that had to happen). … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 9

Yuri on Ice Episode 8

Review: While this episode of Yuri on Ice doesn't have quite the overflow of emotion that episode 7 carried with it the story and characters continue to progress. Admittedly, we're once again sitting through introductions to yet new skaters in the Russian competition and then their routines and that eats a lot of the episode. … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 8

Yuri On Ice Episode 7

Review: Episode 7 of Yuri on Ice is the episode I'm going to remember where it stopped being just a fun and interesting watch with some characters I kind of liked and it became a show where I truly respected the characterisation of the protagonist (and by characterisation, I don't mean they finally kissed). Yrui's … Continue reading Yuri On Ice Episode 7

Yuri on Ice Episode 6

Review: Do you like ice skating? Is that why you are watching Yuri on Ice? If yes, then this is the episode for you. Let's watch all the skaters and their routines (and yes they are amazing and the music is great and I loved it but for the non-ice skating fans watching this show … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 6

Yuri On Ice Episode 5

Review: Yuri on Ice spends a lot of this episode in competition so gear up for watching lots of ice skating routines. Normally I'd find that a negative in a show and its one of the reasons I avoid sport related anime in the first place. But... I like watching ice skating. It's one of … Continue reading Yuri On Ice Episode 5

Yuri on Ice Episode 4

Review: After the show down with Yuri and Yurio (Russian Yuri's nickname to save confusion), this week we get an episode of preparation and training for the ice-skating season. Both characters are working on their weaknesses and the continued contrast between the two remains a high point for this series rather than a detriment. We … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 4