91 Days – From Beginning To End: A Viewer’s Journey Through The Murky Path of Revenge

91 Days Episodic Thoughts

Summer 2016 began a startling journey of family and revenge set during the Prohibition era. Along the way there were twists and turns but how did the series hold together? Here are my episodic thoughts on 91 Days.

Mars Red Episode 13 – The Curtain Falls on Our Historical Vampires

Mars Red Episode 13 Review

The final episode of Mars Red concludes this vampire tale and Irina and I look back on the episode and the series - and also offer some script rewrites.

Mars Red Episode 11 – The Amazing Flying Kurusu

Mars Red Episode 11

Mars Red Episode 11 leaves us with more questions than answers, though we do have a flying Kurusu... Irina and Karandi discuss the latest happenings in this historical vampire tale.

Mars Red Episode 9 Review

Mars Red Episode 9

Yep, it is super late and it is my fault. Here's mine and Irina's thoughts on Mars Red episode 9.

Mars Red Episode 7 Review

Mars Red Ep7

I just finished up writing my To Your Eternity post and I figured why not start the outline for Mars Red as well to help out Karandi a bit. I’m glad I wrote one post before getting to this one, my feelings for this week’s Mars Red actually managed to change in that span of … Continue reading Mars Red Episode 7 Review

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 17 Review

Moriarty Episode 17

We're back to sit and wait as Moriarty spends the entire episode on a couch while every other character plays out the plot. This series has definitely lost its shine.

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 16 Review

Moriarty Episode 16

A fun little chase sequence and a plan that shouldn't work but is fun to watch breathes some life into this season of Moriarty. Will it hold onto this energy going into the next episode?

Mars Red Episode 5 Review

Mars Episode 5 Review

Irina and I discuss the latest happenings on Mars Red which is proving to be an interesting show to discuss. Check out our views on Mars Red Episode 3 and if you're watching, let us know your thoughts on the latest episode.

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 15 Review

Moriarty Episode 15

Well it was kind of inevitable we'd get a Jack the Ripper story in this series eventually. I wonder how they'll resolve it here?

Mars Red Episode 4 – The Kind Vampire

This week Irina is hosting our random observations (and discussion) about Mars Red. Be sure to hop on over to her blog and check it out. You know how I kept saying that Mars Red is theatrical. Well, I did for like the two first episodes. I looked it up and it’s supposed to be … Continue reading Mars Red Episode 4 – The Kind Vampire