Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 13 Review

The story of Irene continues and this episode has far more focus on Albert Moriarty. Things are definitely shaping up in this story and I'm curious as to where we're going with it all.

Mars Red Episode 1 Review

The Spring 2021 anime season is kicking off and that means Irina and I are getting back together for some episode reviews. Mars Red is the first of the two anime we'll cover together this season and here are our first impressions.

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 12 Review

Not sure if this is so much a 2nd season as the 2nd cour of season one given AnimeLab lists this under season one as episode 12, but whatever. Moriarty the Patriot has returned and done so before my review of season one has even come out (due next week - timing). Well, how does this first episode do?

Top 5 Anime in Historical Settings

Tuesday's Top 5

I'm going to be honest, this list was harder than I first thought and that is because I made the decision early on to not include anime from fantasy historical settings. They had to be real places (or close enough). Now, that doesn't mean my choices are based on historical accuracy, because they definitely aren't, … Continue reading Top 5 Anime in Historical Settings

Friendly Talks With Arthifis – Meiji Tokyo Renka Episodes 1 – 4

Meiji Tokyo Renka post title

Arthifis and I are joining forces once again this season to bring you coverage of two anime. We'll catch up after four episodes and share our thoughts. Here on 100 Word Anime we'll be discussing Meiji Tokyo Renka and over on The Shelter we will be getting into The Rising of the Shield Hero. Hopefully you will join us on our journey and share your thoughts on both of these shows as the season unfolds.

Alert! Time Travelling Heroine Surrounded By Pretty Boys!

Meiji Tokyo Renka post title

From first glance this one appears to be a fairly standard girl goes to other world/historical setting and every pretty boy in sight falls in love with her. Maybe it will distinguish itself in time but episode one sure didn't.

Give In To Your Hate – Embrace The Darkness

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode Review Title Image

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode 11 Review: The Empress has lost it, Ning's lost it, Zhao's losing it, and Yin isn't fairing much better. Yeah, I think this one is heading for a complete tragedy because I can't imagine any of these characters getting a happily ever after at this point.

Great Heights and Great Falls: It All Comes With Ambition

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episode Review Title Image

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary Episodes 8 - 10 Review: Zhao may have bitten off more than he can chew by hiding Ying in his mansion. Trying to have his cake and eat it to creates an opening for those less fond of the empress's pet to bring him down with some fairly torturous consequences. Meanwhile the rebels prepare for battle.

Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Series Review: The Ugly Side of War

When I first started Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion, I wasn't really expecting much. Still there's definitely something about those first episodes that grab your attention and even though the show has its flaws, I'm still pretty happy with the watch through.

Angolmois: Record Of Mongol Invasion Episode 12: Expected Ending and Little Impact

Oh no, he's dead. We're all going to die. Get revenge. Argh!

Kind of close to how this final episode of Angolmois ends up going but I guess I'll give it a proper episode review before thinking about wrapping up this series.