Haikyuu Season 2 Series Review


Overview: Right, so if you've been living under a rock and haven't already been told the story of Haikyuu a million times (followed emphatically by people telling you to watch it immediately), it's the story of two guys who initially hate each other who end up on the same volleyball team. Or at least that's … Continue reading Haikyuu Season 2 Series Review

Haikyuu Episodes 48 + 49


Review Episode 48: The team are all ready to go into the third set and we're still moving those shining moments around the players from both teams, even spending some time getting backstory on player 16 from Aoba. Tsukishima is also getting his fair share of time to shine even though he kind of got … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 48 + 49

Haikyuu Episodes 40 + 41


Review Episode 40: The tournament starts and for once Hinata doesn't seem like a complete nervous wreck. After a slow start, Karasuno seemed to get used to their opponents and took the first set. Admittedly, Kageyama took a ball to the face and both Kageyama and Hinata ended up sitting out the end of that … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 40 + 41

Haikyuu Episodes 38 + 39


Review Episode 38: So 2 metre tall guy was a threat for all of four points and then Karasuno pretty much employed all the skills we've been watching them develop and took them out. It wasn't really much of a match in the end except it did confirm that they had improved, could deal with … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 38 + 39

Haikyuu Episodes 36 + 37

Haikyuu Episode 36

Review Episode 36: Okay, finally we finish the training camp and we get to the much anticipated BBQ. They didn't end up winning their last game but they learned and we got some interesting reflections and conversations following the game as various pairs and groups got stuck into yet more training. Then we see the … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 36 + 37

Haikyuu Episodes 34 + 35


Review Episode 34: Kageyama and Hinata still aren't getting their attack working properly and early in the episode this is a source of tension before once again they both reflect, train harder, and get enthused. I do have to say that this pattern is becoming just a little predictable (not that we've seen them succeed … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 34 + 35

Haikyuu Episodes 32 + 33


Review Episode 32: To continue with the egg anology from earlier, I think the team has turned into scrambled eggs rather than an omelet. There's a lot of focus on their evolution but they've yet to actually get it together as a team. Though, this episode also sees Tsukishima get a lot of focus, mostly … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 32 + 33

Haikyuu Episodes 30 + 31


Review Episode 30: Hinata's lost the plot a little bit this episode. Admittedly, his frustration is understandable but his approach is really wrong and all its done by the end of the episode is pretty much upset everyone on the team. Of course, I'm guessing the phrase 'you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs' … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 30 + 31

Haikyuu Season 1 Series Review


Overview: Hinata just really wants to play volleyball but his middle-school doesn't have a functioning male team so despite his efforts he only plays one game. Now at high school, he is determined to be on the team and to stay on the court. However, on day one of joining the team, he encounters Kageyama, … Continue reading Haikyuu Season 1 Series Review

Haikyuu Episodes 28 + 29


Review Episode 28: Hey look, we didn't belabor the whole new manager has issues thing and just kind of dealt with it head on in the next episode. That was kind of a novel experience when watching anime. That said, it also didn't feel like they just brushed it under the rug. It actually felt … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 28 + 29