Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 6



If you ever want to see twins, one a vampire and one not, engage in petty squabbles over the use of the fridge and who at the ice-cream then episode 6 of Interviews with Monster Girls is for you. While the dialogue keeps the first three-quarters of this episode feeling like it is moving, ultimately, other than a glimpse at Hikari’s home life very little is gained. The final quarter seems determined to touch base with the other characters as if to remind us they exist but again little is gained from it. This show is definitely falling into the slice of life category where I guess if you enjoy watching the girls in their daily goings on and the monster gimmick is enough to hold your interest this show works. While I liked this episode more than last week I just keep feeling a little underwhelmed by it.

Interviews with Monster Girls is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.


Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 4



I’m not totally sold on this show but this episode was quite charming. Instead of letting the gossip go on Hikari decides to take matters into her own hands and while I don’t think this would work in the real world it was kind of fun to watch.


The rest of this episode seemed to be about bringing all of the cast together given up until now we’ve been seeing fragmented interactions between the demis with Takahashi kind of being the link between them all. Though, what happens next will really determine whether I end up seeing this show through or not. Because if it just becomes a club where the demis hang-out and occasionally flirt with Takahashi I’m going to check out, but it seems like this show wants to be more than that so here is hoping it can find what it wants to be.

Interviews with Monster Girls is available on Crunchyroll.