Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters I’d Like To Be Able To Call If I Needed Help

Tuesday's Top 5

You know how in Superman people call out for help and he hears them and then just zips to their side, particularly if they happen to be Lois Lane? Well, I was thinking if I had someone like that, who would it be? And then, being me, I started listing anime characters rather than actual people. So here’s the list I came up with of characters I’d like to have on call if I needed help. I’d love to know which character you would call so leave a comment below.

Please Note – There will probably be no spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week: Karma (from Assassination Classroom), Anna (from K) and Nyanko Sensei (from Natsume Yuujinchou).

Number 5: Maka from Soul Eater

Maka really should be higher up the list but the issue is that by herself Maka isn’t that strong (she’s not exactly weak but she really does need a partner to bring out her true potential). That said, she’s a hard worker, she’s book smart, she strategizes, she never gives up, and she’ll fight to protect her friends. That actually makes her pretty versatile in terms of what help she’d be able to give.

Number 4: Sebastian from Black Butler

I know, he definitely should be number 1 given there isn’t anything he can’t do. There are two reasons Sebastian got stuck at number 4 on this list. Firstly, he’s in a contract with Ciel which makes him unavailable so probably not going to answer my call anyway. Secondly, there’s the whole contract and having your soul eaten by a demon thing. Not that it wouldn’t be fun having Sebastian show up and save the day but that’s a pretty high price tag.

Number 3: Kirito from Sword Art Online

Not as capable as Sebastian, but still able to break the rules of a computer game through sheer will and determination, plus mighty handy with a sword (or two), Kirito definitely needs a spot on this list. Plus, he’s a gamer so after he helps me out we can chat for awhile and maybe get lost in our own gaming world. He’s another one that’s pretty good at strategizing but isn’t against using brute force to get the job done, plus we know Kirito prefers to play solo so not having his friends won’t really hold him back too much.

Number 2: Erza from Fairy Tail

At some point I actually have to get back and watch more of Fairy Tail. I started it and got a few arcs into it but then got distracted and never went back. Still, Erza is fantastic and given the range of weapons and armour she’s carrying around with her, not to mention her tough attitude and big heart, there’s probably not all that many situations Erza couldn’t help out in.

Number 1: Yato from Noragami

The guy is a god. Okay, a stray god without a shrine, but still a god. Plus, you only have to pay him 5 yen. That’s way cheaper than Sebastian’s asking price. Also, Yato would be great fun just to hang around with. Seriously, I want this god’s phone number and I’m putting it on speed dial so that when I need help I know it is going to come quickly.

So that’s my list of the top five characters I’d like to able to call for help. Who is in your top five?

Thanks for reading.

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