Top 5 Military Focused Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

This week we count down anime that focus on various military groups and their exploits. Doesn't need to be authentic, just fun.

March Podcast for Patrons – Mecha Anime

This month I turned my attention to Mecha anime in my podcast for patrons (patrons, if you are wanting the password for the podcast post, it is available on my patreon site for you). If you are interested the following anime are discussed: Evangelion Gundam Full Metal Panic Star Driver  Knights of Sidonia  Heavy Object … Continue reading March Podcast for Patrons – Mecha Anime

Protected: March Podcast for Patrons – Mecha Anime

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Heavy Object Series Review

Overview: In the future, warfare has been revolutionized by the invention of mechanical weapons called "Objects." These Objects are overwhelmingly powerful, rendering traditional weapons like guns, tanks and fighter jets completely useless. Qwenthur is an un-athletic, but smart soldier who aims to work as an Object mechanic. Stationed at an Alaskan Object base, he meets … Continue reading Heavy Object Series Review

Heavy Object First Impressions

Overview: War has been changed by the creation of giant machines known as objects. And that's all I've got so far. First Impressions: I've watched one episode so far. In that episode I endured a very long opening narration that tried to short cut through any meaningful world building by giving an incredibly dull history … Continue reading Heavy Object First Impressions