Top 5 Characters with Completely Inappropriate Occupations

Top 5 Inappropriate

There are many anime characters out there who seem ill-suited for their occupation. Whether it is their temperament or just their lack of interest in the job, here are 5 anime characters who have completely inappropriate occupations.

The Devil is a Part Timer Series Review

Devil Review

What's an ousted Devil to do when stuck in Japan with minimal magic and no proven way home? The Devil is a Part Timer has the answer. He needs to find a new path to conquest and that means climbing the corporate ladder starting wherever he can, even if that is serving take-away at a knock off version of McDonald's.

Top 5: Anime With Demons or Devils

Tuesday's Top 5

There are a lot of anime that include demons and devils in their cast and I know that a list of 5 can't even begin to cover all the great titles out there. Still, I decided to have a go at listing my 5 favourite anime with demons or devils in them. I did rule … Continue reading Top 5: Anime With Demons or Devils