Re: Hamatora Series Review

Overview: The sequel to Hamatora, the story picks up immediately after the events in season 1 so be prepared for a few major spoilers for season 1 if you read on. Review: Hamatora is an enjoyable enough story with a bit of mystery, a bit of super powered violence, some friendship stuff and a lot … Continue reading Re: Hamatora Series Review


Hamatora Season 1 Series Review

Overview: At the cafe Nowhere the detective agency Hamatora makes its base. Made up of a group of Minimum Holders (people with superpowers) they take on all kinds of jobs as long as they are interested. However somewhere in the city there's a killer targeting Minimum Holders. Review: In case it sounds like the overview … Continue reading Hamatora Season 1 Series Review

Tuesday’s Top 5 – Characters who wear glasses (male)

Tuesday's Top 5

Last week we looked at the ladies who were rocking glasses so this week we turn to the guys. No self-interest in this but I was really looking forward to writing this list. There's something about a guy who knows how to wear a pair of glasses... As always, feel free to add your suggestions … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5 – Characters who wear glasses (male)