Top 5 Characters Voiced By Miyano Mamoru

Tuesday's Top 5

I don't give voice actors enough credit on my blog. They can really make or break a character and an anime, but other than Daisuke Ono I've never really focused on the voice actors in shows. However, with the return of Bungo Stray Dogs I decided to turn my attention to yet another voice actor I've really enjoyed over the years and am sharing my Top 5 characters voiced by Miyano Mamoru.

Man vs Man – We’ve Got A Problem Here

bleach episode 01 screenshot 0171

Man vs Man is a pretty typical conflict in a story and anime has some great exampls.

Emotional Connections in Mecha Anime – Why are they so important?

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Discussing the importance of building an emotional connection when watching mecha anime.

Feature: I Am Human – But What Does That Mean?


Anime does a lot of things. It shows us amazing places and takes us on wild adventures. It can make us laugh or cry or wince or groan. It can make our eyes widen in shock and it can bore us to tears. However, what it does every now and then is really make us … Continue reading Feature: I Am Human – But What Does That Mean?

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Series Review – Rough Edges Aside, This Is Quite Interesting


So basic plot: Girl A wants to get to Earth and team of adolescent males with various machinery are going to beat up everything between Mars and Earth to get her there. And its a Gundam anime so I pretty much expected it would be sermonising about the horror of war along the way. That said, Iron Blooded Orphans, season 1 at least, was pretty fun to watch (great opening song). First published June 2016.

Top 5 Military Focused Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

This week we count down anime that focus on various military groups and their exploits. Doesn't need to be authentic, just fun.

December OWLS Post – What’s Important Is What You Do After The Miracle

OWLS Post Image

December is a time of miracles and OWLS this month are focusing on faith in anime and pop culture and the miracles that enter character's lives.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Series Review: Raise Your Flag

Certainly it has some rough edges, and I'll elaborate on those below, but it is a charming story with a group of characters that you can like, hate, laugh at, cry for, and generally believe they are real people. Sometimes they are clever, and sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are just kids well out of their depth, but the whole time you can see them as being very human and that makes everything else in this show work.

March Podcast for Patrons – Mecha Anime

heavy object

This month I turned my attention to Mecha anime in my podcast for patrons (patrons, if you are wanting the password for the podcast post, it is available on my patreon site for you). If you are interested the following anime are discussed: Evangelion Gundam Full Metal Panic Star Driver  Knights of Sidonia  Heavy Object … Continue reading March Podcast for Patrons – Mecha Anime