Grimoire of Zero Series Review: Witches, Mercenaries & War, What More Could You Want?

Overview: Zero is a witch who wrote a grimoire (magic book) only it has been stolen and now she's travelling to get it back. She runs into a Beast Mercenary (no name given) and recruits him to guard her until she retrieves the book. As payment, she offers to turn the Mercenary back into a … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Series Review: Witches, Mercenaries & War, What More Could You Want?


Grimoire of Zero Episode 12

Review: I wasn't expecting much from this final episode and so I cannot say I'm disappointed. Still, as far as concepts go, Grimoire of Zero had so much more potential than it ever delivered and the final episode really hammers that point home. The group, including Thirteen, spread out, draw their magic circles, and get … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 12

Grimoire of Zero Episode 11

Review: After all this build up to Thirteen, we found out his plan last week and this week Zero kindly asks him to stop and so he does. Okay, first they shoot coloured lights at each other and Zero reveals she purposefully wrote flaws into the incantations because even though she wanted to share magic … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 11

Grimoire of Zero Episode 10

Review: Oh, they finally reunited and just to be sure we don't forget that Zero is supposed to be a sassy young witch almost her very first words to the Mercenary make us wonder why he bothered spending all that time climbing a cliff. Firstly, this is clearly a lie given she does need someone … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 10

Grimoire of Zero Episode 9

Review: Grimoire of Zero continues to be an oddity this season. I don't particularly like it but it isn't actually bad either so never comes close to being dropped. There was actually a small segment in this episode that made me really sit up and take notice. They were running from the assassins and magic … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 9

Grimoire of Zero Episode 8

Review: I don't know about you, but I found the mercenary's newfound friendship with the wolf guy very hard to take seriously. I mean, from the opening it was kind of expected, but the wolf's introduction was pretty dreadful and I can't imagine why they think we're going to start liking him now because you … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 8

Grimoire of Zero Episode 7

Review: So after half a season of kind of wandering around (assuming this is only 12 episodes) things are finally moving along. Continuing from last week the mercenary leaves Zero and gets into some fights with other beastfallen, gets disappointed in humanity all over again, and then gets ambushed by some witches just for fun … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 7

Grimoire of Zero Episode 6

Review: There's no denying I've been fairly underwhelmed by Grimoire of Zero so far. From the overly cute titular character to the overall lack of tension or direction (other than fetch the book) it hasn't exactly been blowing me away with its creativity or even its general execution of a fairly ordinary story. Episode 6 … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 6

Grimoire of Zero Episode 5

Review: So everyone was dead in the village, kind of as expected. Except, you know, that one guy who wasn't. He stayed alive just long enough to tell them some fairly vague information that wasn't really helpful. On the bright side I finally remembered the blond kid's name so that's a help. Turns out the … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 5

Grimoire of Zero Episode 4

Review: A lot of this episode is just the pleasant lull or the calm before the storm. We make jokes about the mercenary bathing and then have a pleasant montage of the three travelling, with occasional interruptions for actual dialogue, and it is all very sweet. I just kept waiting for something to break through … Continue reading Grimoire of Zero Episode 4