Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Granblue Episode 7

For I am the great and powerful Oz? I'm not entirely sure what this current sequence of Granblue episodes are going for though I did start wondering if I was in fact watching an anime or a slide show at one point in this episode.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Granblue Episode 6

Granblue Fantasy season 2 gives us another luke warm showing as the crew crash onto a misty island inhabited by friendly zombies.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Granblue Episode 4

Way too much flashback on Vira and Katalina at this point. Largely because even though this time we had Vira's perspective it added little new knowledge. Here we are with Granblue Fantasy Seaon 2 Episode 4.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Granblue Episode 3

And episode 3 reminds us firmly this is based on a game as a character drops in for a scene and serves no purpose other than a soundboard and to remind us she exists. Oh well, it isn't like we expect any better from Granblue Fantasy at this point.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Episode 2 Review

Granblue Episode 2

We're back with the second episode and I'd like to say that things are rolling along nicely but a lot of this episode is pretty anti-climatic. While things do get moving in the second half, there just isn't a lot going on this week.

Granblue Fantasy Series Review


Overview: Granblue Fantasy tells the story of Gran who wants to look for his father who left to find the island of the astrals. It doesn't seem like Gran has much hope of making his dream come true until a girl literally comes crashing into his life and Gran gets swept up in an adventure. … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Series Review

Granblue Fantasy Episode 12


Review: All the way through this I just kept thinking it felt like the end of a season. It wasn't giving us answers but it just felt like this was the final battle. Turns out episode 13 is an extra so that feeling wasn't misplaced. So then I have to ask, what was the point? … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 12

Granblue Fantasy Episode 11


Review: Not sure what to make of this. It is pretty stock standard go inside person's consciousness, figure out their baggage, correct them, and then they wake up. In this case followed by a quick fight sequence and a minor reveal about Gran's father. All and all, pretty ordinary fare for fantasy/adventure stories. I'm guessing … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 11