Granblue Fantasy Series Review

Overview: Granblue Fantasy tells the story of Gran who wants to look for his father who left to find the island of the astrals. It doesn't seem like Gran has much hope of making his dream come true until a girl literally comes crashing into his life and Gran gets swept up in an adventure. … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Series Review

Granblue Fantasy Episode 12

Review: All the way through this I just kept thinking it felt like the end of a season. It wasn't giving us answers but it just felt like this was the final battle. Turns out episode 13 is an extra so that feeling wasn't misplaced. So then I have to ask, what was the point? … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 12

Granblue Fantasy Episode 11

Review: Not sure what to make of this. It is pretty stock standard go inside person's consciousness, figure out their baggage, correct them, and then they wake up. In this case followed by a quick fight sequence and a minor reveal about Gran's father. All and all, pretty ordinary fare for fantasy/adventure stories. I'm guessing … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 11

Granblue Fantasy Episode 10

Review: According to MAL this has 14 episodes, so do we assume they aren't getting to the island of the Astrals in this season because it seems like our current goal is to save Lyria. Really, that's been my issue with this for awhile. They keep flitting from goal to goal without really having any … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 10

Granblue Fantasy Episode 9

Review: While there is nothing wrong with a show foreshadowing its plot (I would argue its fairly necessary if you want any kind of cohesion), when an entire episode seems to serve no other purpose but setting up a single event and it does it in a heavy handed and fairly bland manner you have … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 9

Granblue Fantasy Episode 7

Review: Rackam has definitely become my favourite character in this show (mostly due to a lack of competition but also because he kind of says what is on my mind in most scenes). Originally, I quite enjoyed Katalina as a character but since episode 3 she's really just become background noise and hasn't done much … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 7

Granblue Fantasy Episode 6

Review: Things neither improve nor get worse in this latest episode of Granblue Fantasy. We meet a new character, named Io, who is obnoxiously cute but can use magic so is probably a good addition to the team. They agree to look for the missing archduke of the island they've just arrived on (because of … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 6

Granblue Fantasy Episode 4

Review: Stories like this always make me ask the same question; how does the empire even function? When every representative you meet of said empire is conspiring against every other, cruel and stupid, malicious, or crazy, it really makes you wonder why the entire empire hasn't just imploded. They haven't given us any reason for … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 4

Granblue Fantasy Episode 3

Review: So, they crashed the airship. Surprising how that happens when you don't have a pilot (I mean helmsman) to fly the thing. Actually, this is the episode where Katalina just kind of loses her cool look. From episode 1 she's been cool and the most interesting of the cast. This episode she's pretty lame. … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 3

Granblue Fantasy Episode 2

Review: I had a very bad flashback to Crocodile Dundee while watching this ("That's not a knife"). Only in this case it was more, "That's not a fireball" right before the impossibly large dragon that looked like it escaped from a Final Fantasy game blew the hydra from last episode away (if you don't get … Continue reading Granblue Fantasy Episode 2