Why I Think Given is a Better Anime than A Manga

I feel like a lot of viewers may be sleeping on Given. It’s a surprisingly good character-driven drama. I am enjoying a lot and I enjoy neither drama nor romance. It’s just well written. It’s also really well adapted. I’m currently reviewing the season with Karandi and you can check out our reviews below. After … Continue reading Why I Think Given is a Better Anime than A Manga

Given Episode 6 – Tritone

Given has made Irina gush praise for it this week, and I'm not all that far behind. A very solid episode dealing with some emotional beats for the two main characters. Definitely worth watching and Irina is sure to let you know why.

Given Episode 5 – Drum & Bass

The focus has shifted in Given this week from Mafuyu and Ueno to Aki and Haruki. This is not to the anime's detriment however as these two other band members show us they can carry an episode just fine. Irina and I discuss the latest developments in Given.

Given Episode 4 – Rumour Has It

In Given episode 4 Karandi will tell you what happens if she remembers to update this text! Otherwise, this will be funny. No one tell her, we can see how long we can keep it our little secret! - Um, Irina, you know I do read the posts going out on my blog right? Incidentally, we'll be discussing Irina's need to have musically themed titles and gush over various enjoyable moments in an anime that is proving to be a very nicely crafted story even if it doesn't perhaps have the budget to really blow the audience away.

Given Episode 3 – Playing Hard to Get

In Given episode 3 Mayufu is playing hard to get and it is driving Ueno crazy as he tries to figure out how to convince him to join the band. Irina and I discuss our thoughts on the episode and the story so far.

Given Episode 2 – A Slow Crescendo


Given Episode 1 – Musings in E minor

Hello 100word anime readers! You know what I thought when I saw Given pop up on the summer season schedule? I though it’s been a while since I watched a pretty boy anime…and they’re artistic too! Then I thought You know what’s better than staring at animated pretty boys? Staring at animated pretty boys and … Continue reading Given Episode 1 – Musings in E minor