Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Bookworms

As an avid bookworm myself I definitely appreciate seeing characters who read, who talk about books, and who generally respect stories and it is no surprise that some of my favourite characters ever are bookworms (though there are plenty of book reading characters who are neither here nor there really). Today I’m counting down my top 5 anime bookworms and why I enjoy them so much (though those who have been following the blog for awhile will already know who number one is sure to be).

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mention: Sunako from Shiki and Makashima from Psycho Pass. Okay, I seriously want to add Makashima onto the list and I just can’t fit him so here’s a picture anyway.

Number 5: Jibril (No Game No Life)


Jibril loves knowledge. As a member of the Flugel race she craves it and after defeating the King of Imanity in a game she claimed the library as her own. There’s something really special about a character who is powerful enough to have more or less anything and she picks the library and while her reaction to a tablet full of books from a world she didn’t know may have been a bit over the top, you have to appreciate the enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.

Number 4: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


While I haven’t much liked much of Tokyo Ghoul since season one, it is undeniable that I quite liked Kaneki’s character way back when. The shy book loving boy who just wanted the pretty girl to notice him and discuss books with him was adorable and the tragedy that befell him suitably heart wrenching. If only they’d continued to evolve his character sensibly from that point I probably would still love Kaneki as a character. Still, any guy who thinks of a bookshop for a date is definitely going to get a spot on my list.

Number 3: Nagato Yuki (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)


The only member of the literature club who then is forcibly joined into the SOS brigade, Nagato is very seldom seen without a book. She even passes message to Kyon about meeting by lending him a book (a failed strategy when he at first just forgets to read the book and it isn’t until the second night he gets the message). Still, she’s persistent. It is hard to figure out whether Nagato actually enjoys reading or whether it is just a habit, but she’s one bookworm you do not want to mess with, or apparently try to verse at any kind of computer strategy game.

Number 2: Chito (Girls’ Last Tour)


Chito’s genuine joy and love at finding a book and her genuine horror at Yuu’s callous destruction of a book, is something that really drew me to her character during Girls’ Last Tour’s run. There’s a lot to like about the quieter and more contemplative of the pair, and I definitely think that anyone who wants to save books even at the end of the world deserves to be mentioned on this list with love.

Number 1: Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)


In fairness, I think Maka loves studying more than she actually likes books, and yet she’s a badass character who takes time to read, to learn, and to genuinely bury herself in words. Although, she isn’t above using a book as a weapon of mass destruction should the person near her annoy her enough. Honestly though, Maka and books are more or less inseparable in my mind and they are a part of what made her character so incredibly relatable and memorable to me all those years ago. I love Maka as a character and she well and truly deserves the number one spot on this list.

Maka Chop

So I’m dying to know who your favourite anime bookworm is. Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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Girls’ Last Tour Series Review: Don’t Let The Moe Characters Fool You


Chito and Yuuri are maybe the only two people left in the world and they are travelling around without much of a destination looking for supplies. Along the way, they reflect on a number of fairly big questions about the world and life.


There’s something very special about Girls’ Last Tour. It is really hard to put into words because basically if you told me I was about to watch a slice of life anime with two overly moe girls as the leads and there wouldn’t really be an overarching narrative or any other real characters I’d probably start backing away before bolting from the room. It sounds toxically boring and unappealing to me. Yet having started episode 1 of this show, after the first few minutes of initial mis-givings having seen the characters for the first time (I went in pretty blind), I found myself captivated by this charming duo, their antics, the world they were exploring and as the episodes progressed I realised that this anime packed a lot of depth into a very simple looking package.


Girls’ Last Tour utilises its fairly simple setting, pleasant aesthetics, and adorable leads to delve into some pretty dark subject matter at times. The two leads regularly have opposing viewpoints or both lack understanding of an issue which leads to some really interesting exchanges and because of the choice of young and inexperienced characters the show is not interested in giving the audience an answer to anything but rather has the characters draw conclusions and leaves the audience to consider the validity of their underlying assumptions. Of course, an addictively cute opening and lighter moments scattered along the journey are welcomed as they provide a breath of fresh air preventing the story from getting bogged down under the weight of the themes it attempts to tackle.


From a narrative point of view, this story doesn’t really have a beginning or an end. It doesn’t really need one either. While the final episode will give some information about how the girls began their journey, it isn’t necessary. They are travelling together and have been for some time when we encounter them in episode one. Their journey will continue on beyond episode 12. While we are with them, a momentary encounter between the audience and the girls much like their encounters with the few characters that do exist in the show beyond them, we see how their experiences affect them and their journey but there is no clear goal or end point in this story.

And really, what could there be?


This story isn’t about the girls trying to track down some signal promising refuge from whatever disaster has befallen the world or about them trying to connect with other survivors. It isn’t about them trying to undo the damage or save the world from further deterioration. It is simply their day to day as they try to survive and while that could be as boring as watching grass grow the execution of this very simple idea is nothing short of brilliant.

The two girls, as the only characters of note (they do have two episodes where they intersect with other survivors but these pass quickly), do a remarkable job. Mostly that is because of the fantastic chemistry between them as well as the audiences’ ability to relate to both of these characters. We may not be a Chito or a Yuuri but we certainly know one or the other (or both) in our lives, and watching these two characters explore their world is mostly a pure joy.


However, the darker undertones are what really sold this show to me. The world undeniably has gone through hell before we encounter these characters and we slowly get hints and clues as to what has occurred though never an exposition dump much to the shows’ credit. Over explaining is a trap that a lot of shows fall into and if you were trying to tell a story about saving the world you would definitely need more information. However, for the story this is trying to tell, we get more than enough and it is better because of the details we are able to fill in for ourselves.


But it isn’t just the setting that has some darkness in it. Chito and Yuuri have grown up in this hostile environment and have been on their own for awhile. Their morals and attitudes at times present some interesting conundrums. Yuuri’s early explanation to Chito as to why she should carry a gun doesn’t seem all that hostile while viewing the episode and yet Yuuri’s words could have undermined a fragile trust between the pair and a falling out over food isn’t that unbelievable an outcome. As Yuuri is the only one armed of the pair, you have to wonder whether Chito is concerned about this threat a number of times during the series.


Equally, Yuuri is often reckless whereas Chito freezes in situations where swift action is needed. Both characters could often have ended up in significant strife if left alone without the balance of the other.

Outside of this, we see their general lack of purpose and goals beyond feeding themselves. They see and compare their lives to a spiral staircase where they endlessly repeat the same actions. In later episodes, Yuuri’s reaction to an explosion is incredibly troubling and yet at the same time not so surprising.


Contrasting these darker moments with the lighter moments such as Chito getting drunk and dancing, or the girls creating something akin to music through the use of tins and raindrops, and what you have is a show that moves you emotionally and knows how to leave a lasting impact.

All and all, this show was a fantastic surprise from the Autumn season and one I fully recommend trying. While the slow pace and the absence of a strong overall narrative may turn some away, there’s more than enough going on here to recommend it. Definitely one to check out if you missed it.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters in 2017

Here is is. My top 5 female characters of 2017. These girls have personality, purpose, they entertain and I get where they are coming from. As such, it is a highly personal list and I understand that everyone is going to have their own opinion on this one. So please, feel free to share your top 5 female character list from 2017 in the comments below and check back next week for the top 5 male characters list.

Please Note – Some spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week go to: Benten from the Eccentric Family season 2 (didn’t get as much of a showing as season 1) and Sasha from Attack on Titan (potato girl is awesome).

Number 5: Chito from Girls’ Last Tour

It seems a little mean to give this to Chito and not Yuuri, but of the two girls in Girls’ Last Tour, Chito was the one who I really connected with. Her love of books and recording what she had seen, her desire to take the safe approach and follow the marked path where possible, even her freezing when confronted with something unexpected or dangerous all just kind of clicked for me. It was a joy watching Chito each week and as one of only two characters that consistently appear in a show, she certainly held up her end as a draw card for the series.

Number 4: Morioka from Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Maybe it is because female characters in their thirties who are obsessed with gaming and suffer social anxiety are hard to come by, but there was something charming and very relatable about Morioka from episode 1. I particularly liked that she wasn’t actually inept but was a capable worker but she was juts worn down from trying to deal with everything. Watching her find her way back into the world through her encounters with Lily/Sakurai was truly enjoyable and she is a character I will hopefully remember whem someone asks me for an anime that doesn’t feature high school students.

Number 3: Ange from Princess Principal

The lying visitor from the Black Lizard Planet who works as a spy certainly earned her place on this list. Giving us a solid action sequence in the first episode and providing excellent character work through the majority of the season, Ange is a delight to watch as you slowly see what is underneath that tough and emotionless facade of hers. Much like Chito from earlier in the list, Ange is supported by a great co-lead in the Princess and even the other members of the team. Still, if you want to see someone who is committed to their goals, Ange is definitely going to show you how far you need to go sometimes.

Number 2: Phos from Land of the Lustrous

I really wondered about whether I could put Phos on this list given technically they aren’t female, but given I split my best character list male/female it was put Phos here or leave such a great character out and that didn’t sit well with me. Phos is awesome. Spunky and sarcastic early on, though weak and quick to give in, they are an interesting character to get to know. And that’s before they undergo an incredible transfomation throughout the series. Phos’ character journey is one of the best I’ve seen and if you haven’t watched Land of the Lustrous it is so worth the time just for Phos.

Number 1: A tie between Uraraka from My Hero Academia and Hina from March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2.

Wow, Uraraka finally topped a list. She keeps coming up number 2 on so many lists despite being an amazing character so I’m really glad that when I made my final decision she got to be number 1. Why is Uraraka the best female character from 2017? Because she is going through a character transformation (only not one as literal as Phos’). She’s acknowledged her weakness and her reliance on Midoriya that she’d developed in season 1 and actively works to overcome this and other perceived weaknesses in season 2. She makes her plan for facing Bakugou by herself, chooses an internship that will help her to develop and takes on every challenge that comes her way while still having words of support for those around her. Uraraka is an awesome character and one who continues to grow stronger even while she doesn’t lose sight of the person she wants to be. And, if you don’t think she’s awesome, just go and watch her fight Bakugou again. Seriously, she’s awesome.

However, Uraraka will have to share the spotlight with Hina from March Comes in Like a Lion. While Hina was cute and supportive in season 1, season 2 has seen her go through a fantastic arc and to echo Rei, Hina has become my hero. Asta might be screaming that not giving up is his talent in Black Clover but Hina lives this keeping forward on a path that isn’t easy but she isn’t going to back down. Part of me hopes reality doesn’t crush her in the end, because her actions are inspirational.

That’s my list done but please share yours in the comments below.

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Friday’s Feature: The Dynamics of Duos

The Autumn 2017 anime season gave viewers many things, but one thing I took away from it was an absolute love of Chito and Yuuri, a duo made up of two moe girls surviving in a dying a world. In a show that really only had two characters for the majority of its run time, those two and their relationship was crucial to the show’s charm and success and they pulled it off with seeming ease. But what made those two such a perfect duo?


I kind of touched on this in one of my episode posts where I pointed out that Chito and Yuuri had pretty much demonstrated the two types of people in the world (an over-simplification but it does feed in to why these two work so well). For those who didn’t read the post the basic idea was that the girls had found a path marked by arrows and Chito had commented that she wished life could be like that with clear arrows pointing the way. Yuuri on the other hand wanted to leave the path just to see what might be down another away.


From that, it might seem like the show was simply playing on the opposites attract characterisation as seen in a million buddy cop shows and there is an element of that in Girls’ Last Tour. And yet, the relationship the girls have is more complicated than just being opposites of one another. So while Yuuri might be the more adventurous and the first to ask if something is edible or to simply try biting something and Chito might be the kind of try to find a description of it in a book and not trying eating it until she is sure it is edible, both girls do in fact explore a world that is seemingly dead and has proven more than once to be dangerous and both remain surprisingly positive in the face of fair amount of hopelessness.


It is in the final episodes however that you really realise that for all that Chito has been the quiet one, the one not carrying a gun, the one unlikely to race ahead without a plan; she can only be like that because she has Yuuri with her. Yuuri saves Chito when the path crumbles beneath their bike and took the lead in defending the two when they were threatened, and yet when Yuuri gets into what might be a sticky situation, Chito doesn’t hesitate. She picks up the gun and she races after her friend. Likewise, we have seen a number of times that Yuuri might come off as lazy, selfish and a little bit silly at times and yet she comes through every time when Chito needs her. Yuuri is also only able to be Yuuri because Chito has her back and won’t let her do anything too stupid. What makes the relationship really work is clearly both girls know what the other provides for them and they respect the other for the balance they provide.


That is what makes these girls so adorable to watch as they muse about life, the universe and everything (or at least where they will go next and what they might eat). It is also what makes it so fun thinking about whether you are more like Chito or Yuuri and most of us will draw the conclusion that there’s a little bit of both inside of us depending on the situation (though Yuuri lost me a little when she set a book on fire).


After finishing Girls’ Last Tour I started thinking about other anime duos that I’d really enjoyed and this was actually a struggle as so many anime rely on group dynamics (five is a number that comes up a lot particularly in high school anime – though that is a post for another day). I ended up thinking of Takeo and Sunakawa from My Love Story and Isaac and Miria from Baccano.


Takeo and Sunakawa are fantastic and were what really made My Love Story come alive for me (okay, I also like Takeo’s relationship with Yamato given it is what the show is about). And when thinking about it, Takeo and Sunakawa have a similar style relationship to Chito and Yuuri. On the surface they seem like opposites and that’s fine enough and would create enough of an interesting watch. And yet it is the way they complement each other and the way that they use the other’s strength to support themselves that makes the relationship truly meaningful.

takeo and yamato 2

It isn’t all smooth sailing (particularly when Takeo decides he needs to practice kissing and Sunakawa is his nominated test subject) but Takeo ditches his girlfriend on her birthday midway through their date to be with Sunakawa at the hospital when Sunakawa’s father is having surgery. And Sunakawa turned down every girl who ever asked him out because they’d all said something bad about Takeo behind his back. These two are a fantastic duo and to be honest I’d love a second season of My Love Story just to see more of these two and where their lives take them.

Isaac and Miria

Isaac and Miria are a little different. To start with, they aren’t the main characters in Baccano. They certainly cross into almost every story, but they are strictly side character/comic relief in the story. Also, they aren’t opposites. Instead these two characters are positive thinking epitomised with happy-go-lucky attitudes that keep them going in the face of more or less anything. They bounce off each other, build each other up, and work together in absolute unison. Despite their limitations in thinking things through at times, you just know that everything will work out in the end for the two of them and they are definitely the happiest of the cast in Baccano.

They are certainly an odd pairing given neither really brings anything to the table that the other one does not possess. And yet it is impossible to consider these two characters simply being a single character. While some of the jokes could have worked, it is the relationship between the two and the way they work together that sells every scene they are in and steals the viewers attention.

Anyway, I’m going to keep my eyes out for other duos in anime and I’d love to know some of your favourites so if you have a favourite anime duo be sure to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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The Best of Autumn 2017

And the Autumn Season has come to a close bringing an end to the 2017 year in anime. While the poll for best of the year will get going tomorrow, for now it is time to reflect on the final anime season that 2017 had to offer. Starting with my picks, we’ll then look at the results of the reader poll. This was incredibly close this time with three titles changing back and forth with barely a vote in it for the entire duration of the poll.

My Favourite Show

Well, if you’ve followed my weekly season overviews you know season 2 of March Comes in Like a Lion has been on top every single week. However, it isn’t finished yet so it isn’t taking this out (though it so should by a million miles as I’m completely obsessed with it at this point). Yes, I rewatched season one and all episodes of season 2 that were out over the Christmas break and no I didn’t get around to watching Full Metal Panic for a review so, whoops.

With that one ruled out though, what took it’s place?

It came down to Land of the Lustrous and Girls’ Last Tour. I loved both shows but considering the final episodes and which one gave me a greater sense of completion and I have to give favourite show of the Autumn 2017 season to Girls’ Last Tour.


My Favourite Character

This was super, super tough as there were so many great characters this season. It finally came down to two and I have to give it to Phos from Land of the Lustrous. I didn’t much like Phos when I first met them but over the course of the series and following along with Phos’ transformation as a character, they really captured me. However, other great characters from Autumn included Rei from March Comes in Like a Lion, Chito from Girls’ Last Tour, Morioka from MMO Junkie (okay, I just loved her), and Ena from Just Because.


My Favourite Story

My favourite story was absolutely Land of the Lustrous, but for that whole slightly unfinished feeling. I still think it was the best story of the season. March and GLT are both more slice of life and drama driven than story driven. That said, I personally loved King’s Game because it is a completely terrible story delivered in a fairly terrible way. So, personal enjoyment fairly high but quality pretty low on that one.


My Favourite Opening Theme

So many great ones this season. I mean I loved the King’s Game opening as it fit the trashy feel of the show, Juni Taisen was amazing with Rapture (my favourite thing about the show), MMO Junkie was just upbeat fun as was Girls’ Last Tour. However, my favourite for the season needs to go to March Comes in Like a Lion. I loved how the opening theme really captured the progress Rei has made in his journey over the course of the first season and where he is now. And, once again it beautifully matched the visuals to the lyrics and tone. Still, this one was incredibly close this season.


My Favourite Visuals

No competition at all here. As much as March remained on point with its visuals (and is glorious as always) Land of the Lustrous was truly exceptional at showing us all what CG could do when handled well and not making our eyes bleed.


Reader’s Choice – Best Anime of Autumn 2017

Here it is:

Best of Autumn

Yep, the Ancient Magus’ Bride stole it in the last couple of days thought early on it looked like Girls’ Last Tour would take the lead before March Comes in Like a Lion managed to pull ahead. For so much of the vote these anime were within one vote of each other and the lead swapped a number of times.

Featured Image -- 39888

That of course brings us to the end of the best of Autumn 2017. Get ready to vote for best of the year with the top 3 titles from each season going head to head and that poll should be open tomorrow.

As always, I’d love to know what you thought about the season so please share your thoughts on the poll and any of the other shows in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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Girls’ Last Tour Episode 12: Parting At The End of the World


For a final episode of a slice of life/post-apocalyptic anime this episode this episode of Girls’ Last Tour hits all the right notes. First we look back at the journey the girls have taken courtesy of their catalogue of photos that they have taken since receiving the camera. Also, throw in the most overt reveal yet of what happened in the past to get the world to this point.


Add in a dash of danger and a threat so that this final episode feels just that little bit more dramatic than previous ones. This sends Chito into action in a way we haven’t really seen previously from the character who usually freezes in the moment. It was a wonderfully done segment and also gave us a glimpse as to how Yuuri and Chito’s journey started.


Then we get a glimpse of the future and this is probably the weakest part of the episode because even though we’ve had plenty of build up this explanation still felt weak and rushed. I would have liked a little bit more from this part of the episode and yet it was still narratively sound and certainly does what it needs to do as part of rounding out this series.


Finally, we have our feels with the girls reaffirming what we’ve known all along. These two belong together as they perfectly compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There is no doubt that neither girl would be alive without the relationship of trust and understanding that they have. And then they set off continuing their journey upward through the layers even with no knowledge of what they may find or even if there is anything to find.

This show has been beautifully done from start to finish and there is no cause for complaint with this final episode. I look forward to writing my series review for this one.

In the meantime, the reader’s poll for best and worst anime of the season will close at the end of this week. If you haven’t voted click here.

Thanks for reading.

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Girls’ Last Tour Episode 11: Painting a Grim Picture of the Past


While the whole time we’ve traveled with Chito and Yuuri we’ve been given hints about the society that was once upon a time, this episode is the most blatant yet at suggesting that the old society literally self-destructed through war and weapons. While it isn’t guaranteed that war wiped out most people, the obvious conclusion is that people just found new and better ways to kill each other.


In this we had a really interesting response from both girls with Chito responding with horror to the weapon they uncovered and accidentally fired and Yuuri responding with childlike joy at the destruction (at least until Chito uncharacteristically punched her).

Of course, we had the ongoing mystery of the ‘cat’ where the episode also drew the parallel between it and the statues the girls found earlier which leads the audience to ask some really interesting questions particularly when you note it seems to eat weapons. However, if that isn’t enough cohesion for you, the series also finally addresses the girls’ helmets and why they wear them.

All and all, this series remains a truly interesting watch.

Thanks for reading.

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Girls’ Last Tour Episode 10: Not Answers But Insight


Girls’ Last Tour continues to avoid the trap of exposition dumps as it doesn’t explain in detail how the world the girls are exploring came to be. Instead, we continue to be immersed in the world, gaining some insights as we go along and being left with many questions to ponder. It helps that neither of the two main characters really know what happened or why things are the way they are, but they haven’t felt the need to cheat by having them read a history book or find someone who simply spells it all out. The narrative has actually been better for the lack of explanations.


This episode is pretty straight forward with the girls catching and riding a train, finding themselves somewhere new, the radio Yuuri has smuggled along coming to life, and then finding what might be a cat (I am hesitant to agree that it is a cat, but okay). Still, this show hasn’t been about what is happening, but more how the girls reflect on life and interact and that remains very well done in this episode with many good moments.


It is amazing how such a seemingly light hearted story can take place in such a bleak setting and how the show manages to remind the audience of the situation the girls are in through subtle reminders such as the nearly empty ration container. These girls aren’t road-tripping for fun. They have to keep moving and looking for supplies in order to survive. Despite the fairly heavy themes, this remains pure joy to watch.

Thanks for reading.

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Girls’ Last Tour Episode 9: Asking the Hard Questions


Girls’ Last Tour continues to probe at why people are the way they are, what our purpose is, and what it even means to be alive. That said, this isn’t the get a simple moral at the end of the episode kind of thing given the themes of this show are intrinsically woven in to every single thing that happens as Chito and Yuuri continue their mostly endless tour.


As I mentioned last week, this show continues to draw on ideas and symbols introduced in earlier episodes to continue building cohesion in the world. So even though destinations are not revisited, the ideas and encounters from those locations are not forgotten and all of this makes the world they are exploring make more sense. They don’t leave one area behind to end up somewhere completely disconnected from the reality we were previously exploring.


Basically, there’s been deep thought put into the construction of this world and narrative but very little clutter as the story delivers thematically complex episodes hidden beneath cute simplicity. It is a really magical combination for a truly relaxing and yet worth while viewing experience.

Thanks for reading.

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Autumn 2017 Week 9

And we are closing in on the end of the season with some shows having only a handful of episodes left. Regardless of how things go, Autumn has been my favourite season overall. Even the lesser shows this season have been pretty entertaining if for no other reason than to tear them apart, but there’s certainly been a lot I’ve really enjoyed. They might not make it all the way to the end, but the week to week has been pretty fun.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on the season so please share them in the comments below.


Must Watch

March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2 (Episode 29)

It is probably getting repetitive of me to say, but this was another fantastic episode. We pulled away a little from directly dealing with Hina’s bullying, however that gave the episode a chance to focus on the ripple effects that situation is having on the other characters in the show and hwo it is changing their words and actions. This show has been amazing this season and is truly unmissable at the moment.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Episode 8)

This was a great episode for Chise and Elias and really just gave me exactly what I wanted going in to this show. There’s not a lot to say other than the character relationships continue to develop, the show looks beautiful, the music is fantastic, and overall it is a fairly magical experience.

Land of the Lustrous (Episode 8)

Land of the Lustrous has continued to impress. While the distinct visuals are certainly what drew me in initially, now it is very much Phos’ character journey and transformation as well as the world itself that draws me back each week to this show. It shall be very interesting to see how this ultimately plays out.

Girls’ Last Tour (Episode 8)

Not much more to say about this. It has been consistent in tone, style and quality and has felt worth the watch so far. A nice and relaxing viewing experience to be found with two very charming characters facing the end of the world.


Usually Entertaining

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Episode 9)

My fear that this show would slump in the end was kind of alleviated this week with a strong second last episode and both of the main characters showing us just why we have put up with all these silly misunderstandings so far. I’m really hoping for a good final episode and this show has continued to be one of my favourite watches each week even with the little bit of a slump in the second half.

Just Because (Episode 7)

Indecisiveness should be one of the seven deadly sins. It is incredibly painful watching a character hesitate over and over again. I think wrongful action would be better than inaction in some of these situations because while they are inactive nothing will change at all. Not for the better or the worse. Anyway, this is a slice of life, high school romance thing that works quite well and as long as you don’t pay too much attention to the characters when they walk or run isn’t that bad looking.


Okay, I Guess

Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart (Episode 2)

This is not my favourite genre and it isn’t exactly blowing me away, but it is hard to fault this show on any particular aspect. It isn’t overly ambitious and is cute and charming as it delivers its story. I can definitely see romance fans getting into this one.

Kino’s Journey (Episode 8)

Yep, Kino’s Journey has dropped. Another episode minus Kino and instead following Shizu who just isn’t interesting enough to be bothered with. It has been quite a number of episode since I was really entertained by this show. It isn’t bad by any means but it isn’t really doing much to make me feel that it matters whether I keep watching it or not.

Anime-Gataris (Episode 8)

The mid-season slump continues with this show. It isn’t broken but it hasn’t managed to be anywhere near as entertaining as its earlier episodes once it has had to try to build an actual plot. We’ll see what the season’s end brings us and whether this show can bounce back or whether it fizzled early on.

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Episode 8)

This continues to go through the motions as we move closer to a climax. There were some positives from this episode but a lot of pretty standard and expected moments as well as some more filler and time wasting. There’s only so many times the main characters can escape the villains clutches before the villain starts looking way too pathetic to be taken seriously.

King’s Game (Episode 9)

Emotionally this show has me far more invested at this point in time given we’re fully focussed on the current game and aren’t guaranteed of what the outcome will be (even though it seems relatively obvious there is room for a twist). Not to mention, this show knows how to push just far enough on the gore and tragedy to get an emotional rise out of its audience without being too gross to watch (though that is a subjective measurement). Lacking in logic, this story won’t be for everyone, but fans of bad horror will be enjoying the ride at this point in the season.

UQ Holder (Episode 9)

And I’m still echoing concerns that this show is in no hurry to go anywhere devoting a lot of this episode’s run time to a random girls want to wash guy’s back at the baths sequence. There was some actual plot development this week, but you had to wait a long time to get there.

Black Clover (Episode 9)


Juni Taisen: Zodiac War (Episode 9)

So a tiger walks into a bar… and that’s it. No punch line or purpose. Much like this show so far. It has three episodes left and I just don’t know what it could do at this point to actually make me care.

Sengoku Night Blood (Episode 8)

Well, they’ve officially run out of people to abduct the heroine so I guess that counts as plot progress. This one is more about watching the pretty colours on the screen than the plot at this point.


They Made This?

Dies Irae (Episode 7)

Can these guys please destroy the world already so that the show will end? Or at the very least can the ‘hero’ find someway to not seem totally useless just for one episode. That would be the best I can hope for from this show at the moment.


Tried and Dropped

Evil or Live (Episode 4)

My Girlfriend is Shobitch (Episode 2)

TWOCAR (Episode 1)

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan (Episode 1)

Love is Like A Cocktail (Episode 1)

Konohana Kitan (Episode 1)

A Sister’s All You Need (Episode 1)

Urahara (Episode 1)

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