Three Excellent Reasons For Embracing Repetition In Anime

Recently, well not so recently given its been a few weeks - what counts as recently? - Kapodaco posted some of his thoughts about how trends effect the quality of Japanese media. While there were many thought provoking points my brain latched on to the idea of repetition as being seen as a negative and so here are some of my thoughts, incredibly filtered through sleep deprivation and general over-work.

Friday’s Feature: The Power of Clichés, Archetypes, and Being Predictable

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord - Episode 1 - Diablo

We all know about anime clichés, archetypes and tropes and we've all kind of come to accept that there are certain characters and events that we're going to run into again and again. However, for some people, the existence of clichés and archetype characters who don't break the mould are enough for them to scorn … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: The Power of Clichés, Archetypes, and Being Predictable

Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2

Review: The curse of no individual identity continues to plague this show as we go through the motions of setting up a tournament to decide which magical girls get to stay and which will go. The foreshadowing for the end is obvious so there is no surprise twist. More importantly, the character tragedy for the … Continue reading Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2

Taboo Tattoo Episode 4

Review: This is the show that just keeps becoming more and more generic and flat. While initially it was interesting enough, if not particularly original, it doesn't seem to know what to do with any of the characters or ideas other than throw them at one another so that they can have various conflicts. They … Continue reading Taboo Tattoo Episode 4