Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Characters Who Smoke

Tuesday's Top 5

There's a definite distance created when watching anime. In real life I cannot stand the smell of smoke or cigarettes and yet there are some anime characters out there that just look perfectly right when they light up their smoke, pipe, or whatever else. So today I am counting down my favourite 5 characters who are smokers.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime With Action

Tuesday's Top 5

Alright, I've looked at romantic anime before but this time I'm shifting my focus to action. It is really hard to get a definitive classification on whether something is action or not. Does one fight sequence really make for action? And how do you compare action used for comedy with gritty realistic fight sequences, and … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime With Action

Gangsta Series Review

Overview: Much like the title suggests, Gangsta deals with the events of a mafia run city called Ergastulum. Mostly we follow Worick and Nicholas, two 'handymen' as they take on pretty much any job for a price. Review: It would be easy to make the case that Gangsta goes for style over substance and without … Continue reading Gangsta Series Review

Tuesday’s Top 5: Eye Patch Wearing Characters

Tuesday's Top 5

I really don't get why so many anime characters wear eye patches (and there are a lot of them when you start looking) but I do know that some of these characters are pretty cool. Some of them it is clear why they need the eye patch, for others it is an unexplained mystery. Here … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Eye Patch Wearing Characters