Friday’s Feature: Fuuka – Fiction Filled with Faults

As many of you know, at episode 5 I decided to cut Fuuka from my watch list. It hadn't reached the bottom of my watch list and it wasn't even in the 'they made this' category meaning functionally the show works just fine and yet this is the first show that I've gotten any number … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Fuuka – Fiction Filled with Faults

Fuuka Episode 5

Review: I'm officially dropping Fuuka at episode 5. To be fair to this episode, it isn't any worse than anything we've watched before but I'm tired of this show and these characters and the contrived situations they find themselves in and the inanity that stretches between the contrivances. There are plenty of other reasons to … Continue reading Fuuka Episode 5

Fuuka Episode 4

Review: It's hard to really care about Fuuka and Yuu's romantic plight in this story (and we kind of need to given how little else is happening) when they manage to drag out the not speaking to each other/fighting for most of the episode because Yuu happens to have been seen with his childhood friend … Continue reading Fuuka Episode 4

Winter 2017 Week 2

Week 2 and I'm still kind of settling into my watch schedule for winter. Some shows are looking like they'll settle nicely whereas other still haven't really found their feet yet. Still, it has been great fun checking out what everyone else has decided to keep and what to drop (though some people are holding … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 2

Fuuka Episode 3

Before I get into my episode review I am going to admit that I didn't watch the entirety of this episode. The fourteen minute mark features yet another anime near drowning and I stopped watching. Going back I skipped forward a few minutes when the characters were back at the beach house. Given it is … Continue reading Fuuka Episode 3

Winter 2017 Week 1

Welcome to Winter 2017 (or if you live in Australia, Summer while watching Winter anime). This last week and a bit has really just been a taster week for me and I know there are some shows I'll need to catch up on next week so some reviews might be episodes 1 and 2 combined. … Continue reading Winter 2017 Week 1

Friday’s Feature: March of the Bland Romances

As the first episodes of the Winter anime march before us pretty much every ani-blogger has been giving their first impressions and a lot of these have been negative. While there are a couple of shows winning people over for the most part people who watch a lot of anime have been universally eye-rolling at … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: March of the Bland Romances

Fuuka Episodes 1 + 2

Overview: Yuu has just moved to Tokyo when he has a chance encounter with Fuuka Akitsuki (who just happens to be in the class he transfers into). She loves music but doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. Review: I'm just reviewing episodes 1 and 2 together here but so far this … Continue reading Fuuka Episodes 1 + 2