Land of the Lustrous Episode 11: I Hate To Say Anti-Climatic But…

Review: I am a big fan of this show and have thoroughly enjoyed the watch thus far, but episode 11 delivers one thing I find really frustrating. Episode 10 was beautifully tense and dramatic building up to a wonderful climax leaving us with a cliff-hanger. Episode 11 resolves and diffuses any tension from that in … Continue reading Land of the Lustrous Episode 11: I Hate To Say Anti-Climatic But…

Shelter Review

Another one that I knew nothing about prior to seeing it appear in the list on Crunchyroll. Overview: 6 minutes about a girl who the write up tells me is named Rin who is 17 who lives in a simulated world. Review: If this had been an advertisement for a table or virtual reality and … Continue reading Shelter Review

Orange Series Review

Overview: Ten years ago Kakeru committed suicide. Now his friends, feeling regret, send letters to their past selves in an effort to save him. I reviewed this week to week so if you are interested in my thoughts on individual episodes click here. Review: For those following week to week, it is no surprise that … Continue reading Orange Series Review

Orange Episode 13

Review: I'm definitely feeling conflicted about whether I liked the way this ended. The extended episode was nice because it meant we didn't get an abrupt pace shift in this final episode. The story has progressed slowly and steadily and the extra time allowed them to tell this final part the same way. I still … Continue reading Orange Episode 13

Orange Episode 8

Review: Oh-no, Kakeru collapsed. Is this foreshadowing that the future is fixed regardless of actions taken by our group of plucky friends? Well, don't expect an answer to that this episode. Instead we have plot contrivance at its worst when 6 students are picked for a relay team with Kakeru chosen for the anchor. Why … Continue reading Orange Episode 8

Orange Episode 6

Review: This episode really knows how to pace drama. At no point did it feel like nothing was happening, and yet they really did make you wait until the very end to get to the punchline of the episode. Naho continues to be an incredibly oblivious character but at least she finally read the rest … Continue reading Orange Episode 6

Friday’s Feature – The Flawed Premise of Orange

Okay, I'm not actually suggesting there is something wrong with Orange or of time travel as a fictional concept. Mostly because the whole point of fiction (particularly sci-fi and fantasy) is to ask 'what if'. What if you could go back and change all those stupid things you did as a teenager? As a story … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – The Flawed Premise of Orange

Orange Episode 1

Overview: Naho has received a letter from herself in the future telling her to avoid the mistakes of her past. While at first skeptical, as the events in the letter unfolds, Naho begins to take the message more seriously. Review: Episode 1 of this plays out much as you would expect. Naho goes to school, … Continue reading Orange Episode 1

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