Kobato Series Review

Overview: This one is kind of hard to explain without spoilers but I will avoid the major revelations as much as possible. Essentially we are following Kobato who has limited memories but has arrived in the town with Ioryogi (who looks like a stuffed toy) and she has a mission. Essentially she has to fill … Continue reading Kobato Series Review

Blue Exorcist Episode 31

Review: We continue letter reading and see how Fujimoto is awesome (always) and somehow ended up with the sword and a friend. We also learn the secret of the Myodo (which isn't that secret or hard to figure out really) but we do learn why the head priest always seems like a complete ass. Kind … Continue reading Blue Exorcist Episode 31

Blue Exorist Episode 30

Review: While I can appreciate a story that takes its time getting to a point, that's kind of only if I'm finding the set up and opening moves interesting, and Blue Exorcist season 2 is suffering from a severe lack of interesting developments. After barely getting any story so far and wading through a lot … Continue reading Blue Exorist Episode 30