Friday’s Feature: With or Without?

There's this image a lot of people have of 'the' anime fan. There are variations on the theme but one point comes out again and again and that is that the anime fan must be a loner. I won't deny I watch a lot of anime on my own due to not knowing anyone anywhere … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: With or Without?

Orange Episode 10

Review: This episode needs to come with a warning about the sheer amount of cheesy scenes they are about to throw at you. We're still at the athletics competition and we finish with the long awaited relay. Ignoring the over the top words of encouragement the friends are throwing around (which should be making Kakeru … Continue reading Orange Episode 10

Orange Episode 9

Review: While this episode is an improvement on last week the show is very much stretching things out as far as they can go. Kakeru and Naho still aren't 'dating', just walking home together, giving each other significant looks and becoming unreasonably jealous when other people interact with the other. Naho's friends are completely 'supporting' … Continue reading Orange Episode 9

Words of Wisdom

Shonen Maid Episode 9

Review: What can you say? The show continues to be adorable is illogical. Why you would meet someone for tea and talk with them for a whole afternoon, and discuss meeting again when you haven't. even asked their name makes no sense. It feels in part like they are wanting to look at the deeper … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 9

Words of Wisdom

Kiznaiver Episode 7

Review: We continue to learn about Honaka this week and the story continues to be much stronger than the random mission episodes earlier in the series. These last two episodes have actually made me feel something for the characters beyond idle curiosity and I hope that the show continues to build on this emotional strength. … Continue reading Kiznaiver Episode 7