Is Being Kawaii Enough To Make You Watch An Anime?

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Cute and quirky anime characters are definitely an appeal and for some people it will be enough to make them watch an anime? But is being cute all they need to be and does kawaii appeal to everyone?

Finding Joy and Inspiration In Watching Anime Characters Succeed


I will admit I am not the biggest fan of every story ending happily ever after with every protagonist succeeding. Yet, there are times when you definitely just need to find joy and inspiration and watching anime characters succeed against all odds is kind of an awesome way to do this. There are moments in … Continue reading Finding Joy and Inspiration In Watching Anime Characters Succeed

Should We Stop Mocking Stories For Trying?

your lie in april

As anime reviewers you kind of have to sometimes be pretty harsh, or just not review anything you didn't like which makes no sense and kind of defeats the purpose. But there's being harsh and then there's falling into the habit of mocking stories for their efforts. It's become a fairly common criticism of a … Continue reading Should We Stop Mocking Stories For Trying?

Feature – I Want To Be The Very Best

How many anime characters want to be the very best? And what do they get if they achieve it?

Reviewing Mediocre Anime – Why Is This Harder Than Reviewing Bad Anime?


Mediocre anime are perhaps the hardest thing for a reviewer to deal with. Here's why.

Man Vs Society – I Am Not A Slave


So many characters wanting to break free of an oppressive society - anime loves the man vs society conflict.

On Character Transformation and Loss in Anime


Character transformation and loss is a driving force behind so many plot lines (just think Spider Man or Batman), but I find I'm drawn to stories where the story is about the change itself rather than what the character does after that point.

Feature: On Bad Romance in Anime


It's not just Lady Gaga who has issues with a bad romance. There are so many tropes and common traits that appear in romance anime that are just, well, bad.

Feature: On Romance in Anime

shirayuki and zen 2

Romance in anime can be super adorable. While tomorrow's post is going to focus on bad romance, today is all about the common features of sweet and romantic anime.