Why Is It So Hard to Find A Good Female Lead In Anime?

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Post now sponsored by Crow's World of Anime: I'm hoping this one isn't coming out like a rant: female lead characters in anime - do we have enough of them? Are the well written? Why don't they seem to appear in the genres I largely enjoy? Jump in and let me know your opinion of female leads in anime and who your favourite female lead character is.

The Strange Case of Madoka Magica

I kind of love magical girl anime being a Sailor Moon fan from a young age. When Madoka Magica came out I fell in love with the genre all over again for a slightly different reason and after many rewatches wanted to discuss my thoughts on this strange series that seems like it is a magical girl series but has some key differences.

Three Excellent Reasons For Embracing Repetition In Anime

Recently, well not so recently given its been a few weeks - what counts as recently? - Kapodaco posted some of his thoughts about how trends effect the quality of Japanese media. While there were many thought provoking points my brain latched on to the idea of repetition as being seen as a negative and so here are some of my thoughts, incredibly filtered through sleep deprivation and general over-work.

Why Do I Still Suck At Writing Anime Reviews?

I recently had someone ask me what they could do to improve their reviews (or something similar) and it occurred to me at the time that what they were writing was perfectly readable. Which then of course made me wonder what actually made for a good review and made me think about my own writing which after three and a half-years of blogging (and nearly 4000 posts) is still a work in progress.

What Does The Best Horror Anime Need? Part 3

In our quest to determine what the best horror anime needs we've meandered our way through starting the anime, the importance of a good cast and explored settings. This week it is all about the feels.

What Does The Best Horror Anime Need? Part 2

Last week we looked at how the best horror anime should start and the importance of characters that are at least believably constructed even if they aren't likeable. However, our quest to discover what the best horror anime would need is just beginning as this week we turn our attention to setting and atmosphere.

What Does The Best Horror Anime Need? Part 1

Another October rolls around and it is time to decide on what I'll be watching for Halloween. In the meantime though, I'm wondering what the best horror anime would actually need to be good. Here is part one of the discussion.

Is There A Right Anime To Watch Right Now?

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There are so many great anime out there so it is natural that newer viewers would ask those who have watched more for recommendations about what to watch. Yet for me this question is a mine-field as recommending the wrong anime might just scare away a potential friend in the fandom. How do you go about anime recommendations or do you just not over-think it?