Make A Wish, But Will That Help The Story?


Make a Wish... Many characters make wishes in stories but is this the best way to progress a plot?

The Importance of the Final Impression


With the recent ending of Seirei Gensouki which kind of left a sour taste in my mouth at least, I decided it was timely to revisit my thoughts on the importance of the final impression of a story. How important are endings to you?

Emotional Connections in Mecha Anime – Why are they so important?

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Discussing the importance of building an emotional connection when watching mecha anime.

Discussing The Horror and Joy of Anime Sequels, Prequels and Spin-Offs


When it came to movies, I was always wary of sequels growing up. It was more or less universally accepted that the sequel would be weaker than the original with a few exceptions (which of course proved the rule). I was less aware of prequels until the Star Wars franchise essentially hacked the heart out of their own series by delivering 3 very underwhelming movies that pretty much told us nothing that we hadn't already figured out from watching the original series. Since then we've had plenty of other examples in movies of prequels and sequels just not quite hitting the mark. So how does this translate when discussing anime sequels?

Caution: Spoilers Ahead. Does Knowing What Happens Ruin The Story?

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I've been wondering this for awhile; how much information can you give in a write up or a review before you enter spoiler territory? And even if you do tell people what something is about, or what happens in it, does that actually spoil the watching of it?

Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Going Their Own Way

Alright, if you missed part one or part two, definitely check them out first and then let's talk about magical girls. Let's wrap up this mini-series of posts (though I am definitely going to revisit the subject matter at some point because really nowhere near enough has been said). What about the exceptions within the … Continue reading Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Going Their Own Way

Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Let’s Never Become a Magical Girl


If you missed the first post on Magical Girls be sure to check it out and then let's get into part 2. If she's a magical girl, what powers does she have? Right so we're back to magical girls and I wanted to look at the characters and the magic powers that crop up in … Continue reading Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Let’s Never Become a Magical Girl

Breaking Down The Magical Girl Genre – Or Going on a Nostalgia Trip


We know all the popular magical girl titles: Sailor Moon, Card Captor, Shugo Chara, and so on. We also know the parodies: Cute High Earth Defence and Is This A Zombie. We know the darker magical girl shows that are starting to emerge: Madoka Magica and every following magical girl show. So why are magical girls so popular when essentially every one of these stories is kind of identical at its core?

Why Is It So Hard to Find A Good Female Lead In Anime?

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Post now sponsored by Crow's World of Anime: I'm hoping this one isn't coming out like a rant: female lead characters in anime - do we have enough of them? Are the well written? Why don't they seem to appear in the genres I largely enjoy? Jump in and let me know your opinion of female leads in anime and who your favourite female lead character is. And let's try to answer the question: why is it so hard to find a good female lead in anime?

The Strange Case of Madoka Magica


I kind of love magical girl anime being a Sailor Moon fan from a young age. When Madoka Magica came out I fell in love with the genre all over again for a slightly different reason and after many rewatches wanted to discuss my thoughts on this strange series that seems like it is a magical girl series but has some key differences.