Days Episode 8

Review: Sport takes a bit of a back seat as we spend a lot of this episode with Tsukamoto and his mother. This episode is adorable as we have a chance to really see how joining a team has affected Tsukamoto's entire life and outlook. Then of course we get right back into prep for … Continue reading Days Episode 8

Days Episode 2 + 3

Review Episode 2: There is something really sweet about the main character in this show and that's about the only draw this show still has for me. I kind of want to see him succeed and they have just the right ratio of failure and idiocy to success to string you along and make you … Continue reading Days Episode 2 + 3

Days Episode 1

Overview: It's about two guys playing soccer and that's all I've got so far. Review: I'll admit it, I read nothing about this anime and didn't do any further investigating after watching the episode. It's a sport anime so it isn't my usual thing but I watched the first episode out of curiosity (plus I've … Continue reading Days Episode 1