Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Poor pacing isn't a new problem by any means; ask anyone who has watched Dragon Ball Z or Bleach about battles that just don't ever seem to end. However, both the Spring and Summer seasons in 2016 have given us new examples of shows that manage to kill interest with pacing issues so I thought … Continue reading Friday’s Feature -Poor Pacing

Spring Overview

With 13 shows that I am actively watching (and a few others I'm kind of trying to catch bits and pieces of) I figure the end of the week is a good time to reflect on where each show is sitting. I Must Keep Watching In honesty, there isn't a lot happening this season that … Continue reading Spring Overview

Flying Witch Episode 4

Overview: A witch moves in with her relatives as part of her training and... that's about it. Review of Episode 4: Flying Witch is a sweet, slice of life anime with a little bit of magic realism thrown in. Episodes 3 and 4 have given us a little bit more of a taste of magic … Continue reading Flying Witch Episode 4

Spring 2016