3 Reasons Why Flashbacks Aren’t Always The Best Narrative Device

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For anyone who has started Fairy Gone this season it should have immediately become apparent that in addition to the visual problems with the anime the narrative itself relies heavily on flashbacks and exposition to fill the audience in on information. While neither flashbacks nor exposition are actually inherently bad, in point of fact they … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Flashbacks Aren’t Always The Best Narrative Device

King’s Game Episode 2: Meaningless Flashback


Review: Both King's Game and Black Clover decided to eat a lot of their second episode run time with extended flashback sequences. In the case of Black Clover it was to establish a relationship between the two main characters that had already more or less been established and could have been shown clearly in less … Continue reading King’s Game Episode 2: Meaningless Flashback

91 Days Episode 13


Review: It feels like it has been forever since 91 Days was on, though I guess that is hardly true. Still, my series review of this tale of revenge was a long time ago so I wasn't really sure what to make of the release of an episode 13 in the middle of the Summer … Continue reading 91 Days Episode 13

Flip Flappers Episode 9


Review: Was it just me, or did we feel closer to getting a reveal this week? Not that we actually had a reveal that makes anything make sense but we finally saw some back story about why Yayaka is so hung up on Cocona and the fact that their relationship was orchestrated in the first … Continue reading Flip Flappers Episode 9

Bloodivores Episode 6


Review: I wonder if the writer's of Bloodivores are paying attention to their own storyline. Why are the Bloodivore prisoners surprised that someone in the prison is attempting to bite someone else? Why do they exclaim "He's a Bloodivore"? It all just seems a bit redundant. Not to mention if Mi Liu is into Anji … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 6

Bloodivores Episodes 4


Review: At least someone is asking what happened to all these missing Bloodivores. It doesn't look like he's actually going to find an answer any time soon (and I'm pretty sure that they are setting him up to get in over his head and then killed) but at least someone is asking. That said, our … Continue reading Bloodivores Episodes 4

Hitorinoshita Episode 12


Review: It is very hard to take an episode seriously when it begins with a character being attacked by and then being up a panda. Sorry, but after twenty more minutes of old dying guy telling story I was still stuck on the whole fact that the best way they could show us Houhou toughing … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 12

Alderamin on the Sky Episode 5


Review: I kind of know I'm into a show when they deliver a whole episode of flashback and I still love it. They timed this perfectly. Just when they've shown how well Yatori and Ikta work together we go back to where it all started for them. It's a cute and charming episode and the … Continue reading Alderamin on the Sky Episode 5