The Final Face-off For The Fox

Voice of Fox Episode Review Title

Voice of Fox comes to a close with the rising star of China being decided. However, the competition is all but irrelevant because what is more important is whether Hu Li decides his future.

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 12: I Think The Viewers Need Rat’s Wish

Review: Sad that the final episode was the first that made me actually kind of intrigued by a character and the world constructed by this anime. Sad that all of the previous 11 episodes ultimately ended with Nezumi's one wish that he decided needed to be granted. However it is now done and I will … Continue reading Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 12: I Think The Viewers Need Rat’s Wish

Days Episode 24

Review: Well, if you made it this far through Days you won't come across anything surprising in this final episode of season 1 (let's all say thank-you that season 2 has already been confirmed or this would be a very different review about a lack of resolution). Basically if you have enjoyed the ride to … Continue reading Days Episode 24

Days Episode 12

Review: So after excessively long game watching, the anime decided this week to just jump to after the match and allowed us to see the fallout. Turns out, nobody likes losing. There's a revelation for us. That said, I didn't much mind following the characters around and watching them deal with their loss as well … Continue reading Days Episode 12

Days Episode 11

Review: Alright, when you're one game of soccer needs a five minute recap at the start of the episode there's a little bit of a problem with your narrative pacing. That complaint aside (and it is a big complaint), I was hooked for the rest of the episode to the point where I was actually … Continue reading Days Episode 11

Days Episode 10

Review: Must be the season for protracted final battles. This game continues on (in fact we've only just passed the half-way point). Part of the problem is that they are trying to give each of the players a few moments in the lime light and while this is great for actually giving some of these … Continue reading Days Episode 10

Days Episode 9

Review: The final game is on and we finally get to see some of the better players actually playing well. That said, that's about all we get other than a few flashbacks and a heartfelt message that was kind of obvious from the get go. There's also some good rivalry between the teams. It isn't … Continue reading Days Episode 9